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All OA's held September 17, 2013 onward will be found exclusively on this page.  Additionally, the Court is in the process of adding OA video archives from 2011 and 2012 to this page.The complete archive of videos from 2004-August 2013 will remain available at this page but will be available in Windows Media format only.

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PlayCase NumberOA DateCourt RoomAppellantAppelleeNote
17-0586 02/14/2018 AM 2nd FloorRussell Thomas Taylor, III State of Florida  
17-0486 02/14/2018 AM 2nd FloorNicalea R. Gonzalez, as Natural Guardian etc.State of Florida, Agency For Health etc. 
17-2801 02/14/2018 AM 3rd FloorFlorida Workers' Compensation Joint Underwriting etc. et a;/American Residuals And Talent, Inc. etc. 
17-1481 02/14/2018 AM 3rd FloorDeborah Davison Rebecca Berg, an individual 
16-5051 02/14/2018 AM 2nd FloorAlbon C. Diamond, III State of Florida  
16-4248 02/14/2018 AM 2nd FloorEverette Laverne Frazier State of Florida  
17-0743 02/13/2018 PM 3rd FloorKapsch TrafficCom IVHS, Inc.Florida Department of Transportation et al. 
17-2666 02/13/2018 AM 3rd FloorMary Graham Constance R. Uphold  
17-2493 02/13/2018 AM 2nd FloorState of Florida, Dept. of Financial Ser. et al.Danahy & Murray, P.A. and Bennett Dennison, PLLC 
17-2221 02/13/2018 AM 2nd FloorRolando Andrade Shell Oil Company, and Shell Oil Company/Esis etc. 
17-0121 02/13/2018 AM 3rd FloorRobert W. Wing, HusbandMonica D. Wing, Wife 
16-3596 02/13/2018 PM 3rd FloorTR & SNF, Inc. d/b/a The Nursing Center etc.State of Florida, Agency For Health etc. 
17-2215 02/12/2018 PM 3rd FloorShands Jacksonville Medical Center, Inc. etc. et al.State of Florida, Dept. of Health et al 
17-1895 02/12/2018 PM 3rd FloorEdward A. Crapo Academy for Five Element Acupuncture, Inc., etc. 
17-1759 01/30/2018 AM 3rd FloorLoziane O. Moise Disney Pop Century Resort, and Walt Disney World etc. 
17-2399 01/25/2018 AM 3rd FloorOrange County Board of County etc. et al.Gina Yaeger  
17-0680 01/23/2018 PM 3rd FloorDonald Schubert Gainesville Council on Aging, Inc. 
17-0334 01/23/2018 AM 2nd FloorJohn L. Lentz, Jr., M.D. Department of Health  
17-1713 01/23/2018 PM 3rd FloorDepartment of Health, et al.Shands Jacksonville Medical etc. et al. 
17-2187 01/09/2018 AM 3rd FloorRobert K. Robinson State of Florida, Commission on Ethics 
17-1681 01/09/2018 AM 2nd FloorState of Florida Justin David Lantz  
17-1287 01/09/2018 PM 3rd FloorMatthew Earl Smith Erin Brooke Smith Picou  
16-5621 01/09/2018 AM 2nd FloorDontavious Lamar CopelandState of Florida  
16-2883 01/09/2018 AM 2nd FloorMargaret Roberts, an incapacitated etc. et al.Gregory G. Pavlat, M. D. Hospital Specialists,  
17-0815 12/14/2017 PM 3rd FloorBeverly Inmon, surviving spouse of Matthew etc.Convergence Employee Leasing III, Inc. et al. 
17-2279 12/14/2017 PM 3rd FloorKevin Pettway, Jennifer Wolfe, Nancy etc. et al.City of Jacksonville, a municipal corp. et al. 
16-5062 12/14/2017 PM 3rd FloorCompassionate Care Hospice of the Gulf Coast, Inc.State of Florida, Agency For Health Care etc. et al. 
17-1076 11/29/2017 AM 3rd FloorGeoffrey Meehan Orange County Data & Appraisals et al. 
16-2282 11/21/2017 AM 3rd FloorInlet Beach Capital Investments, LLC et al.The Enclave at Inlet Beach Owners etc., et al. 
17-0370 11/16/2017 AM JacksonvilleChapelle A. Bronson State of Florida, Dept. of Business and Prof. etc. et al. 
16-5165 11/16/2017 AM JacksonvilleRobert B. Eveleigh, Margaret M. Eveleigh et al.William C. Eveleigh  
16-4911 11/16/2017 AM JacksonvilleUS Bank National Association, etc.Jason Tranumn and D'Honour Tranumn 
17-0048 11/16/2017 AM JacksonvilleOldcastle Southern Group, Inc., a Georgia etc.Railworks Track Systems, Inc., a Nevada etc. 
17-1623 11/14/2017 PM 3rd FloorDianya Markovits State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company 
17-0505 11/08/2017 AM 3rd FloorBonita Brinson Hospital Housekeeping Services, LLC et al. 
17-2367 11/08/2017 AM 3rd FloorCristina Tarantola, M.D. William B. Henghold, M.D., P.A. 
16-5786 11/08/2017 AM 2nd FloorAna Patricia Delgado, Individually, etc. et al.Agency For Health Care Administration 
16-1969 11/08/2017 AM 2nd FloorLee Memorial Health System etc.State of Florida, Agency For Agency For Health etc. 
17-0841 11/07/2017 AM 3rd FloorMS Dockside Mariana, LLCDepartment of Financial Services, etc. 
17-0765 11/07/2017 AM 2nd FloorThe National Center for Construction Education etc.Ed Crapo, as Alachua County etc. 
17-0761 11/07/2017 AM 2nd FloorTodd Misamore Swift Transportation and Gallagher Bassett Services 
17-2174 11/07/2017 AM 3rd FloorState of Florida, Department of HealthBayfront HMA Medical Center, LLC etc. et al. 
17-1083 11/07/2017 PM 3rd FloorPeter Andrew Bosch The Miami Herald and The Travelers Ins Co 
16-5200 11/07/2017 AM 3rd FloorGlobal Hookah Distributors, Inc. Department of Business and Professional Reg. et al. 
16-5173 11/07/2017 PM 3rd FloorBayview Loan Servicing, LLCDebra A. Newell, et al.  
16-4685 11/07/2017 PM 3rd FloorJanero James Pratt State of Florida  
16-3142 11/02/2017 PM 3rd FloorJessie L. Gamble, as Personal Rep. etc.R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., Individually etc. 
16-5351 10/31/2017 AM 3rd FloorState Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. Co.Marcy Scardino  
16-4894 10/24/2017 AM 3rd FloorWells Fargo Bank, National AssociationGail W. Curtis, as Personal etc. et al. 
16-4500 10/24/2017 AM 3rd FloorMorris Young, in his capacity as Sheriff of Gadsden County Joseph Moore  
16-2208 10/24/2017 AM 3rd FloorABPAYMAR, LLC. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., Successor in Interest to Washington Mutual Bank, FA 
16-5013 10/11/2017 AM 3rd FloorSarasota County Public Hospital District, etc.Florida Agency For Health Care Administration 
16-4438 10/10/2017 AM 2nd FloorBernard Leroy Hutchinson State of Florida  
16-4019 10/10/2017 PM 3rd FloorJohn Mergenhagen S & V Enterprises of Gainesville, Inc., etc. 
16-3135 10/10/2017 AM 3rd FloorKristen Elizabeth Wagner State of Florida  
17-1316 10/10/2017 AM 3rd FloorRing Power Corporation and United Self etc.Andrew Murphy  
17-1081 10/10/2017 AM 3rd FloorFair Insurance Rates In Monroe, Inc.Office of Insurance Regulation et al. 
16-3174 10/10/2017 PM 3rd FloorAntonio Atwater State of Florida  
15-5765 10/05/2017 AM 3rd FloorR. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company et al.Erskin Donal Ward, as Personal etc.  
17-0096 10/03/2017 AM 3rd FloorSedgwick CMS and the Hartford/Sedgwick CMSTammitha Valcourt-Williams  
17-0160 09/28/2017 PM 3rd FloorThe Home Depot and Helmsman etc.Juan Carrillo  
16-4273 09/27/2017 PM 3rd FloorGRABBA-LEAF, LLC Department of Business and Professional etc. 
17-0706 09/27/2017 AM 3rd FloorWilliam M. Bridges Tomatoes Of Ruskin And Guarantee Ins. Co. 
16-4275 09/27/2017 AM 3rd FloorDepartment of Business and Professional etc.Dania Entertainment Center, LLC; et al. 
16-4272 09/27/2017 AM 3rd FloorLois Vance Okaloosa-Walton Urology, P.A., etc. et al. 
16-3422 09/20/2017 PM 2nd FloorDoug Stone Max K. McGee; Max K. McGee, CPA, PA; et al. 
16-5700 09/19/2017 PM 3rd FloorManaged Care of North America, Inc.Florida Healthy Kids, Corp. and Delta Dental etc. 
16-4285 07/26/2017 AM JacksonvilleRandy J. Fischer, HusbandKathleen Therese Fischer, Wife 
16-3239 07/26/2017 AM JacksonvillePiotr Chrzuszcz Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., et. al. 
16-4758 07/25/2017 AM JacksonvilleSteven Mark Riley State of Florida  
16-2655 07/20/2017 AM 2nd FloorRaymond Staines, as Personal Rep. etc. et al.R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Phillip Morris USA Inc., Lorillard Tobacco Company, and Lorillard, Inc. 
16-2651 07/20/2017 AM 2nd FloorIn re 73 Engle-Related Cases  
16-2415 07/19/2017 PM 3rd FloorReginald L. Henry State of Florida  
16-1472 07/19/2017 PM 3rd FloorKarma Thornton and Connie Thornton American Family Life Assurance Company etc. 
16-2553 07/18/2017 AM 2nd FloorBrownsville Manor, LP Redding Development Partners, LLC. et al. 
16-5656 07/18/2017 AM 2nd FloorLeroy Spatcher State of Florida  
16-1079 07/18/2017 AM 2nd FloorBank of America, N.A. Mirabella Owners' Association, Inc., etc. et al. 
16-5533 07/18/2017 AM 2nd FloorAllison N. Chase, as Co-Per. Rep. etc.Horace Mann Insurance Company etc. 
16-4573 07/18/2017 PM 3rd FloorDestin Pointe Owners' Association, Inc.Department of Environmental etc. et al. 
16-4555 07/18/2017 PM 3rd FloorSilver Beach Towers Property etc., et al.Silver Beach Investments of Destin, LC et al. 
16-3876 07/18/2017 AM 3rd FloorHamilton Downs Horsetrack, LLC.State of Florida, Department etc. 
16-2862 07/18/2017 AM 3rd FloorCitizens for Strong Schools, Inc., et al. Florida State Board of Education; et al. 
16-1668 07/17/2017 PM 3rd FloorKishon Larhame Birch State of Florida  
15-4797 07/17/2017 PM 3rd FloorVirginia Denise Wyche State of Florida  
15-3253 06/29/2017 AM 3rd FloorLawrence Austin Bethel State of Florida  
16-1406 06/28/2017 AM 3rd FloorReginald Sherrod Williams State of Florida  
16-5005 06/14/2017 AM 2nd FloorJohn Hall Sarasota Sheriff's Office And Johns Eastern etc. 
16-4610 06/14/2017 AM 3rd FloorFlorida Pulp And Paper Association etc.Department of Environmental Protection et al. 
16-0354 06/14/2017 PM 3rd FloorHank & Christine Stringer, as Personal etc.Bobbie L. Dugger, Kelly Dugger, and Dalton Dugger 
15-5047 06/14/2017 AM 2nd FloorScott Webb, Janice Williamson, et al.Baxter's Realty Inc., A Florida etc.  
17-0618 06/13/2017 AM 2nd FloorLynwood and Myrtle ViveretteState of Florida Department of Transportation 
16-4877 06/13/2017 PM 2nd FloorNorGuard Insurance Company and Nena Service, Inc.Complete Interior Systems Inc./Travelers etc. et al. 
16-4131 06/13/2017 AM 2nd FloorDade County Police Benevolent Assoc. Inc.Miami-Dade County Board of County etc. 
16-3423 06/13/2017 PM 3rd FloorFlorida Carry, Inc., and Rebekah HargroveJohn E. Thrasher, an individual, et al. 
16-3244 06/13/2017 AM 3rd FloorThe Public Health Trust of Miami-Dade etc. et al.Department of Health and Kendall etc. et al. 
16-2665 06/13/2017 AM 3rd FloorMichael J. Giles State of Florida  
16-1347 06/13/2017 PM 2nd FloorArlington Pebble Creek, LLC Campus Edge Condominium Association, Inc.,  
15-2084 06/13/2017 PM 3rd FloorAnthony Jean State of Florida  
16-3453 06/07/2017 PM 3rd FloorMarlon Devonn Lavine State of Florida  
16-4567 05/24/2017 AM PensacolaG.S.I. Recycling, Inc. and D&S of Pensacola, Inc.Charlie Mullins; Earl Rhodes; et al. 
16-1752 05/24/2017 AM PensacolaCharles Gladden Fisher Thomas, Inc., The Green etc., et al. 
16-5413 05/24/2017 AM PensacolaSecuradyne Systems, LLC Robert Carmichael, Richard Pearson, et al. 
16-3384 05/24/2017 AM PensacolaSugar Cliffs North Owners' etc. et al..Sugar Cliffs Owners' Assoc. etc. et al. 
16-4839 05/17/2017 AM 3rd FloorFlorida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Comm.William Daws, Jr. and Ouida Gershon et al. 
16-4801 05/10/2017 PM 2nd FloorFlorida Agency For Health Care AdministrationZuckerman Spaeder, LLP  
16-4586 05/10/2017 PM 3rd FloorFlorida Department of Transportation et al.Tropical Trailer Leasing, LLC, et al. 
16-4091 05/10/2017 PM 2nd FloorSurterra Florida, LLC., Alpha Foliage etc. et al.Florida Department of Health et al. 
16-3966 05/10/2017 PM 3rd FloorRobert Petrosus B R Foods, Inc Zenith Insurance 
16-3194 05/10/2017 AM 2nd FloorBuilders FirstSource/ Liberty MutualLuis Quiros and MDT etc. et al. 
16-1828 05/10/2017 AM 3rd FloorRobert Roy Macomber State of Florida  
15-5764 05/10/2017 AM 2nd FloorR. J. Reynolds Tobacco CompanyColette S. O'Hara, as Personal Rep. etc. 
15-4904 05/10/2017 PM 3rd FloorCourtney James Phillips State of Florida  
16-5404 05/09/2017 AM 3rd FloorKatherine Anne Smith William G. Smith, Jr.  
16-0731 05/09/2017 AM 3rd FloorSherisha Lashelle Hatchett State of Florida  
16-5406 05/09/2017 AM 2nd FloorSarah Lee Sanders Drivetime Car Sales Company, LLC, etc. 
16-5112 05/09/2017 AM 2nd FloorWHITNEY BANK, a Mississippi stateVon Daniel Grant Jr., and Lisa D. Grant 
16-4243 05/09/2017 PM 3rd FloorCHERRY FULLWOOD LeonardFlorida Birth-Related Neurological etc. et al. 
16-4121 05/09/2017 PM 2nd FloorMerrill Land, LLC, a Florida Limited Liability Company, and Great Southern Restaurant Group of Pensacola, Inc., a Florida CorporationThe City of Pensacola, a Florida Municipal Corporation, and Seville Harbour, Inc., a Florida Corporation 
16-2481 05/09/2017 PM 2nd FloorThe City of Pensacola Seville Harbour, Inc., a Florida etc. at al. 
15-5724 05/09/2017 PM 3rd FloorCurtis Dingler State of Florida  
15-3244 05/09/2017 PM 3rd FloorTimothy Jones State of Florida  
15-2150 05/09/2017 AM 3rd FloorJeffrey Millette State of Florida  
15-4165 03/29/2017 AM JacksonvilleEsther Ash John Campion  
16-3168 03/29/2017 AM JacksonvilleLlano Financing Group, LLCTheodore F. Petit  
16-1359 03/28/2017 AM JacksonvilleTSG Industries, Inc. Arch Insurance Company and The Auchter Company 
16-1469 03/28/2017 AM JacksonvilleCapital One, N.A. Servicelink Title Company  
15-5871 03/22/2017 PM 3rd FloorPhilip Morris USA Inc. Elaine Jordan  
15-1157 03/22/2017 PM 3rd FloorHeartland Express, Inc. of IowaMark Farber, as limited guardian etc. 
16-0050 03/21/2017 AM 3rd FloorDANIEL R. FERNANDEZ AND Dax J. Lonetto, Sr., PLLC, AppellantsDepartment of Health, Board of Medicine, Appellees, and Bactes Imaging Solutions, Inc., and Healthport Technologies, LLC, Intervenors 
16-4619 03/21/2017 AM 3rd FloorHospital Internal Medicine, P.A. et al.Rushann Smith, as Personal Rep. etc. 
16-2499 03/08/2017 PM 3rd FloorMalcolm Gainey Washington County, Florida 
14-2449 03/08/2017 AM 2nd FloorDevin Lee Bass State of Florida  
16-3367 03/07/2017 PM 3rd FloorEvergreen Communities, Inc. and Palafox, LLCPalafox Preserve Homeowners' etc. et al. 
16-3312 03/07/2017 AM 2nd FloorSurf Works, LLC and Nadime Karan KowkabanyCity Of Jacksonville Beach  
16-1911 03/07/2017 AM 3rd FloorR. J. Reynolds Tobacco CompanyFlorence Monroe  
16-1303 03/07/2017 PM 3rd FloorAllen Miller Michael Aguado  
15-5888 03/07/2017 PM 2nd FloorPortofino Tower One Association at Pensacola Beach, Inc., etc.Chris Jones, Property Appraiser for Escambia County, Florida; JANET HOLLEY, Tax Collector for Escambia County, Florida 
15-5886 03/07/2017 PM 2nd FloorBEACH CLUB TOWERS HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC.Chris Jones, Property Appraiser for Escambia County, Florida; JANET HOLLEY, Tax Collector for Escambia County, Florida 
15-3670 03/07/2017 PM 2nd FloorRickey Lloyd Martin State of Florida  
15-1984 03/07/2017 AM 3rd FloorSonny Eric Pierce State of Florida  
14-4007 03/07/2017 PM 3rd FloorRobert Dale Purifoy State of Florida  
16-5408 02/22/2017 AM 3rd FloorNational Council on Compensation Insurance, Florida Office of Insurance Regulation and David Altmaier, in his official capacity as Commissioner of the Florida Office of Insurance RegulationJames F. Fee Jr., Individually 
16-0665 02/15/2017 AM PanamaRichard M. Rigby Bank of New York Mellon, et al. 
16-1285 02/15/2017 AM PanamaThomas Brookie Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. and The Lewis Bear Company 
15-3836 02/08/2017 AM 3rd FloorAdam Lloyd Shepard State of Florida  
16-3211 02/08/2017 PM 3rd FloorSCF, Inc. Florida Thoroughbred Breeders' Association, Inc. etc. et al. 
16-4139 02/07/2017 PM 3rd FloorMary Baker and Janet ThorntonEconomic Research Services, Inc., d/b/a ERS Group 
16-3914 02/07/2017 AM 3rd FloorThe School Board of HernandoMichelle Rhea, Theresa Butler et al. 
15-5803 02/07/2017 PM 3rd FloorShawnest Angelo Ivey State of Florida  
15-3905 02/07/2017 PM 2nd FloorBrittany Haney Leslie Sloan  
16-0733 02/07/2017 AM 3rd FloorU'Dreka Andrews State of Florida  
16-2555 01/26/2017 AM MiamiThomas Eckert Pinellas County Sheriff's Office/Pinellas County etc.  
16-2080 01/26/2017 AM MiamiDianne McFarlane Miami Dade Transit And Miami etc. 
16-1231 01/20/2017 AM 2nd FloorRachel Franck Paul Martin Chitwood, Commerce and etc. et al. 
16-2301 01/19/2017 AM 2nd FloorOffice of Insurance RegulationState Farm Florida Insurance Company 
16-3718 01/19/2017 AM 2nd FloorCristina Tarantola, M.D., etc.William B. Henghold, M.D, P.A.  
15-2949 01/19/2017 AM 2nd FloorSouth Palafox Properties, a Florida LLCState of Florida Dept. Of Environmental Protection 
16-3942 01/18/2017 AM 3rd FloorRick Scott, in his official capacity etc.Gail Francati  
16-3940 01/18/2017 PM 3rd FloorFlorida Highway Patrol, a division etc.Lashonta Renea Jackson, as Per. Rep. etc. 
16-3234 01/18/2017 AM 3rd FloorThe Villages Miami Phase II, Ltd.Florida Housing Finance Corporation 
16-2374 01/18/2017 AM 2nd FloorWest Flagler Associates, Ltd. Florida Department of Business and Prof. etc. 
16-2168 01/18/2017 AM 2nd FloorJohn Adam Edwards and Brindley KuiperRyan Maxwell, individually 
16-1502 01/18/2017 AM 3rd FloorMichael Mobley, by and through his father etc.State of Florida, Agency for Health Care etc. 
16-1333 01/18/2017 AM 3rd FloorFirst Choice Commercial Janitorial etc.Jennifer Hood  
16-1053 01/18/2017 PM 3rd FloorHillsborough County School Board/BroadspireJohn E. Kubik  
16-2123 01/11/2017 AM 3rd FloorManuel Govea Starboard Cruise Service, Inc./Travelers etc. 
16-1779 01/11/2017 AM 3rd FloorSCF, Inc., a Florida corporationState of Florida, Dept. of Business and etc. et al. 
15-5667 01/10/2017 AM 3rd FloorLiberty Estates Inc., et al.Cadence Bank, a National etc. et al. 
15-5599 01/10/2017 AM 3rd FloorKeith Thomas Krieger Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. et al. 
15-5520 01/10/2017 AM 3rd FloorFlorida Carry, Inc. and The Second etc. et al.City of Tallahassee, Florida, etc. et al. 
15-4042 01/04/2017 PM 3rd FloorMarlena Christine Woods State of Florida  
16-0234 12/09/2016 AM 3rd FloorPhilip Morris USA Inc. Micha Danielson as Personal Representative of the Estate and Survivors of Norman Lamar Danielson 
16-0618 11/30/2016 PM 2nd FloorInternational Association of Firefighters etc. et al.State of Florida  
15-5500 11/16/2016 PM 3rd FloorDavid W. Lester Progressive Express Insurance Company 
15-3575 11/16/2016 PM 3rd FloorRiad Akel State of Florida  
16-0954 11/15/2016 AM 3rd FloorAqua Condominium Association, IncAqua Condominium Developers Ltd., etc. et al. 
16-0845 11/15/2016 PM 3rd FloorBaycare Home Care Medical Supply et al.Anibal Santiago  
16-0217 11/15/2016 PM 3rd FloorAlberta Peterkin and Joshua PeterkinMayo Clinic Florida, d/b/a Mayo Clinic Hospital 
15-4700 11/15/2016 AM 2nd FloorProgressive Express Insurance CompanyAnzualda Brothers, Inc., etc., et al. 
16-2310 11/15/2016 AM 2nd FloorRetailFirst Insurance Company and Servpro of S. E. TampaBrenton Davis  
16-0149 11/15/2016 AM 2nd FloorState of Florida, Department of CorrectionsCarolann Bracewell and Ted Jeter 
16-0392 11/15/2016 AM 3rd FloorMARIA ISABEL GIRALDO and Juan Gonzalo VillaAgency For Health Care Administration 
15-5471 11/15/2016 AM 2nd FloorDeutsche Bank National Trust Company etc.Adele Lafaye, et al.  
15-4619 11/15/2016 AM 3rd FloorLonnie Margol Dane Margol and Loda, LLC 
16-4870 11/09/2016 PM 3rd FloorDr. Erwin D. Jackson, as an elector etc.Leon County Elections Canvassing Board et al. 
15-4242 11/03/2016 AM JacksonvilleMichael Larry Strums, Former Husband, Continental Financial Services, LLC, Worldwide Financials, LLC and Continental Development, LLCCatherine Elizabeth Sturms, Former Wife 
15-4782 11/03/2016 AM JacksonvilleTaylor Engineering, Inc. and Robert J. Wagner, P.E.Dickerson Florida, Inc., a Florida corporation 
16-1046 11/02/2016 AM JacksonvilleTaleen A. Ashby and John W. AshbyWells Fargo Bank, N.A., as Trustee etc.Audio and Video are unavailable due to a recording issue
15-4197 11/02/2016 AM JacksonvilleR. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company et al.Andy R. Allen Sr., as Personal Rep. etc.Audio and Video are unavailable due to a recording issue
15-5504 10/26/2016 PM 3rd FloorHubert Alan Laird, John Joubert and Terry L. JoubertCity of Destin and Dugan Maddox as Successor Trustee of the Joint Irrevocable Present Interest Trust f.b.o. Caswell Crooke Prewitt dated November 23, 1994 
16-4322 10/25/2016 AM 3rd FloorBrittany Knight State of Florida; Sheriff For Leon County, Florida 
15-3923 10/21/2016 AM GainesvillePatrick Flynn, as Parent and Guardian etc.Felipe Estevez, Bishop of the Diocese etc. 
16-2145 10/20/2016 AM GainesvilleGeorge Quinn Darden Restaurants, Inc.  
16-2391 10/19/2016 AM 2nd FloorFlorida-Caribbean Cruise AssociationBiscayne Bay Port Pilots  
16-0582 10/19/2016 PM 3rd FloorJohn Mathers and Brenda MathersWakulla County, a political subdivision etc. 
16-0450 10/19/2016 PM 3rd FloorAisha Sylvain Florida Agricultural And Mechanical University etc. 
16-2391 10/19/2016 AM 2nd FloorFlorida-Caribbean Cruise AssociationBiscayne Bay Port Pilots  
16-1648 10/19/2016 AM 3rd FloorAgency For Health Care AdministrationSouth Broward Hospital District, etc. et al. 
15-1046 10/19/2016 AM 2nd FloorRandy Trebar Jackson State of Florida  
16-0346 10/18/2016 AM 3rd FloorThe Property Appraisers' Association of FL, Inc. et al.Florida Department of Revenue et al. 
16-0565 10/18/2016 PM 3rd FloorSeminole Tribe of Florida, a Federally etc.State of Florida, Department of Revenue 
16-1352 10/18/2016 AM 3rd FloorSherry A. Semock Department of Health  
16-1064 10/18/2016 AM 3rd FloorFlorida Department of Business and Prof. etc.Florida Bee Distribution, Inc. etc. et al. 
16-0058 10/18/2016 AM 2nd FloorMadison Hollow, LLC, and American etc.Florida Housing Finance Corporation 
15-4847 10/18/2016 AM 2nd FloorThe Hospice of the Florida Suncoast, Inc., etc.State of Florida, Agency For Health etc., et al. 
15-0316 10/18/2016 AM 3rd FloorStephen Lamont Early State of Florida  
16-0093 09/21/2016 PM 3rd FloorDana S. Cannon State of Florida  
16-0383 09/21/2016 AM 3rd FloorAT&T Corp. State of Florida, Dept. of Management etc. et al. 
16-1077 09/21/2016 AM 3rd FloorWilliam F. Hord, Jonathan Bush et al.Larry Ashley, in his official capacity  
14-5675 09/21/2016 AM 3rd FloorBilal Hasson Leverett State of Florida  
15-3488 09/20/2016 PM 3rd FloorVincent Jones Food Lion, Inc. and Risk Management Services 
15-2546 09/20/2016 PM 3rd FloorJeffrey Merwyn Brown State of Florida  
16-0626 09/14/2016 AM 2ndCity of Daytona Beach James Chirco  
16-0724 09/14/2016 AM 2ndAlbert (Al) Hadeed State of Florida, Commission on Ethics 
16-0920 09/14/2016 AM 3rd FloorShores of Panama Club, LLC, a Delaware Limited Liability CompanyShores of Panama Resort Community Association, Inc., a Florida Not-For-Profit Corporation 
16-0259 09/14/2016 AM 3rd FloorKevin O'Malley, Father Robin Klob, Mother  
15-2337 09/13/2016 AM 2ndPhilip Morris USA Inc. Mary Brown, as Personal Representative etc. 
15-5642 09/13/2016 AM 2ndJack C. Alexander Dept. of Bus. & Prof. Reg., Division of Real Estate 
15-5714 09/13/2016 AM 2ndEmerald Coast Utilities AuthorityBear Marcus Pointe, LLC; a Florida limited etc. 
16-0032 09/13/2016 AM 2ndPutnam Community Medical CenterFlorida Birth-Related Neurological etc., et al. 
16-1183 09/13/2016 AM 3rd FloorIMH Healthcare LLC State of Florida Office of etc. 
16-1148 09/13/2016 AM 3rd FloorElizabeth H. Ray and Ann H. TurnerLeslie M. Huckaby and AXA Equitable etc. 
15-4392 09/13/2016 AM 3rd FloorCrestview Hospital Corporation, etc. et al.Coastal Anesthesia, P.A. et al. 
15-5542 08/17/2016 PM 3rd FloorAnthony Bush Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles 
15-5110 07/27/2016 AM JacksonvilleRichard Therrien and Michelle etc. et al.Taylor Morrison Services, Inc. f/k/a Morrison etc. 
15-3621 07/27/2016 AM JacksonvilleThomasena O'Neal individually and as next Holmes-Glover-Solomon, Inc. Audio and Video are not available due to a recording issue
15-4919 07/27/2016 AM JacksonvillePENNRAIL CAPITAL CORPORATIONBBVA Compass Bank, et. al  
15-2031 07/20/2016 PM 3rd FloorFrancis Decambra State of Florida  
15-5776 07/19/2016 AM 3rd FloorGreat Cleaning Corporation/ Ascendant etc.Carmen Bello  
15-5159 07/19/2016 AM 3rd FloorLCA Acquisition Corporation, etc.Nissan North America, Inc. and M10 Motors, Inc. etc. 
15-4623 07/14/2016 PM 2nd FloorClassy Cycles, Inc. Bay County, Florida, a political etc. et al. 
15-5130 07/13/2016 PM 3rd FloorArena Football League and Arena Football One, LLCBryon Bishop  
14-4458 07/13/2016 PM 3rd FloorJOHN MCDONALD State of Florida  
15-4163 07/12/2016 AM 2nd FloorJeffrey P. Schutt, Former HusbandVickie B. Schutt, Former Wife 
15-5851 07/12/2016 PM 3rd FloorKilyn Construction, Inc./ FRSA SIF Dedrick Pierce  
15-5217 07/12/2016 PM 3rd FloorRichard A. Carlson State of Florida, Dept. of Revenue, et al. 
15-2754 07/12/2016 AM 2nd FloorBobby Lee Zeigler State of Florida  
15-4099 06/27/2016 PM 3rd FloorDarryl D. Ruth, Jr. State of Florida  
16-0107 06/22/2016 PM 3rd Floor2010-3 SFR Venture, LLC Anthony Smith and Paula Reyes  
15-5473 06/21/2016 PM 3rd FloorLori Owen, Caridad Molina, and Donna AbramitisCity of Tallahassee, a Florida etc. et al. 
15-5116 06/21/2016 PM 3rd FloorVincent Sansone Frank Crum/Frank Winston Crum Insurance, Inc. 
15-4917 06/21/2016 AM 3rd FloorMMM Management Of Tallahassee, Inc.Harold A. Smith and Rib, Inc., a Florida Corp. 
15-2299 06/21/2016 AM 3rd FloorBayfront Medical Center, Inc., et al.Agency For Health Care Administration 
15-5219 06/09/2016 PM 2nd FloorMichael Bowman Goodwill Industries, Inc. and Patriot Risk Services 
15-1477 06/09/2016 PM 2nd FloorEddie James Moultrie State of Florida  
15-5741 06/08/2016 PM 3rd FloorJohn Clinton Thornton Carrie Bryant Thornton  
15-5043 06/08/2016 AM 2nd FloorCarmen Forsyth, as Co-Personal etc.Amber M. Sweat and Kenneth Plemons 
15-2357 06/08/2016 PM 3rd FloorCedric Tate State of Florida  
15-2076 06/08/2016 AM 2nd FloorSandestin Investments, LLC, a Florida etc.Walton County, a political etc. 
15-1488 06/08/2016 PM 2nd FloorRhonda Lynn Neal Travis S. Graham, as Personal etc.  
15-2428 06/07/2016 AM 2nd FloorDavid Rivera Florida Commission On Ethics 
15-1893 06/07/2016 PM 3rd FloorPatrick Cannella State of Florida  
14-4924 06/07/2016 AM 3rd FloorMICHAEL DAVID DUNN State of Florida  
16-2063 06/01/2016 PM 3rd FloorWilliam Junior Barber State of Florida  
15-3077 05/24/2016 AM PENSACOLAArthur Halvorsen and Jeanne Halvorsen723 Whiskey Bravo, LLC  
15-5862 05/24/2016 AM PENSACOLAAll-South Subcontractors, Inc. Inc.Amerigas Propane, Inc. and Amerigas Propane, L.P.Audio and Video is unavailable due to a recording issue
15-0989 05/24/2016 AM PENSACOLAR. J. Reynolds Tobacco CompanyCynthia Robinson, as Personal etc.Audio and Video is unavailable due to a recording issue
14-5276 05/17/2016 PM 3rd FloorDARRELL EDWARD BOYLES, Personal Representative Dillard's Inc.  
15-3313 05/12/2016 PM 3rd FloorSkyler D. Jones State of Florida  
14-4045 05/12/2016 PM 3rd FloorPhillip Kessler State of Florida  
16-0272 05/11/2016 AM 3rd FloorErnest Steele, as personal Representative of the etc.Pansy Brown  
15-5502 05/11/2016 PM 3rd FloorD. H. , A ChildState of Florida  
15-4103 05/11/2016 AM 2nd FloorMitri Freiha, Former HusbandRoula Freiha, Former Wife 
15-4080 05/11/2016 PM 2nd FloorDeborah Evans Holland & Knight And Sentry Insurance 
15-4077 05/11/2016 AM 2nd FloorAnnabella Pinera Target/Sedgwick CMS  
15-3855 05/11/2016 PM 3rd FloorLaura Catherine McFatter n/k/a Laura Alford etc.Jon Thomas McFatter, Former Husband 
15-3248 05/11/2016 PM 2nd FloorMarshall R. Cassedy, Jr. Alland Investments Corporation, etc. et al. 
15-3184 05/11/2016 PM 3rd FloorChoice Plus, LLC Department of Financial Services, etc. et al. 
15-2907 05/11/2016 PM 2nd FloorLarry Collins James Simmons  
15-3259 05/10/2016 AM 3rd FloorWilliam H. Benson and Joanne BensonState of Florida Department of Corrections 
15-2888 05/10/2016 PM 2nd FloorMichael K. Johnson Florida Department of Highway etc., et al. 
15-2786 05/10/2016 PM 3rd FloorOkaloosa Gas District Florida Department of Transportation 
15-2752 05/10/2016 PM 3rd FloorJoanne McCall, Senator Geraldine etc. et al.Rick Scott, Governor of Florida, etc. et al. 
15-2436 05/10/2016 PM 2nd FloorArizona Chemical Company, LLCMohawk Industries, Inc., and Aladdin etc. 
15-2253 05/10/2016 PM 3rd FloorFelix Luis Cuevas RodriguezState of Florida  
15-1821 05/10/2016 AM 3rd FloorBernardino Cabrera State of Florida  
14-5705 05/10/2016 AM 2nd FloorRyan Wilder State of Florida  
14-2190 05/10/2016 AM 2nd FloorEric Riva Muturi State of Florida  
15-4380 05/05/2016 AM 3rd FloorSmart Pharmacy, Inc., A Florida Corporation Damian Viccari, an individual, et al. 
14-3224 04/05/2016 PM 3rd FloorCharles Edward Pearce State of Florida  
15-0922 03/29/2016 AM 3rd FloorMonica L. Durgin f/k/a Monica L. ConnellyBart D. Woloson  
15-1892 03/29/2016 AM 3rd FloorPerry Poteat Duane Elias Thomas, an individual 
15-4177 03/23/2016 AM JacksonvilleState of Florida, Dept. of Highway etc.Heather Newcomer  
15-4069 03/23/2016 AM JacksonvilleState of Florida, Department of etc.Patricia Brock  
15-2060 03/23/2016 AM JacksonvilleAaron Ensley Kevin Whitney  
15-2471 03/22/2016 AM JacksonvilleBoard of Trustees of the Jacksonville etc.Curtis W. Lee, an individual, etc. 
15-1095 03/22/2016 AM JacksonvilleSamantha Helfrich, individually and etc.City of Jacksonville and the Board of etc. 
15-3288 03/16/2016 PM 3rd FloorProgressive Employer Services VI LLCState of Florida, Department of etc. 
15-4712 03/15/2016 PM 3rd FloorDana Dunnigan and Dennis Dunnigan, etc.Shimmering Sands Realty, Inc., etc. et al. 
15-3321 03/10/2016 AM 3rd FloorCity of Treasure Island and PGCSAllen Ahern  
15-2152 03/10/2016 AM 3rd FloorRonald Beermunder State of Florida, Department of etc. 
14-5677 03/10/2016 AM 2nd FloorLarry Felton White, Jr. State of Florida  
15-2746 03/09/2016 AM 2nd FloorJermaine Davis Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office/USIS 
15-0150 03/09/2016 AM 2nd FloorVernord Lavon Bright State of Florida  
15-5394 03/09/2016 PM 3rd FloorDepartment of Corrections Diane Miles and John Miles 
15-3999 03/09/2016 AM 3rd FloorEd Crapo, as Property Appraiser etc.Henry O Palmer, III  
15-3075 03/09/2016 AM 3rd FloorDennis Durant Brian James, Progressive Casualty etc. 
15-2927 03/09/2016 PM 3rd FloorArtisan Park, LLC AIG Specialty Insurance Company, et al. 
15-0312 03/08/2016 PM 3rd FloorRonald Gennaro Beermunder State of Florida  
15-3101 03/08/2016 PM 2nd FloorBrandy's Products, Inc. Department of Business and Professional etc. 
15-2248 03/08/2016 PM 3rd FloorHeritage Oaks-TND, Ltd. City of Alachua, Florida, a Florida etc. 
15-1969 03/08/2016 PM 2nd FloorJoachim Dieter Krone Raimund W. Herden, Wolfgang Wistorf, et al. 
15-1076 03/08/2016 PM 3rd FloorStephen Herbits, and 1000 Venetian Way etc.Board Of Trustees Of The Internal etc. 
14-5731 03/08/2016 PM 2nd FloorMarlon Shanti Potts State of Florida  
15-5322 03/08/2016 AM 2nd FloorState of Florida Steven Pietrasiuk  
15-0573 02/24/2016 PM 3rd FloorVOLUSIA COUNTY, BROWARD CountyDepartment of Juvenile Justice et al. 
15-1291 02/24/2016 AM 2nd FloorR. J. Reynolds Tobacco CompanyDianne Webb, Personal Representative etc. 
14-5863 02/24/2016 AM 2nd FloorCompanion Property & Casualty Insurance Co.Category 5 Management Group, LLC 
14-5273 02/24/2016 AM 3rd FloorAntonio Dean State of Florida  
15-2853 02/23/2016 AM 3rd FloorYolima Cedeno Ross Stores, Inc., and Sedgwick CMS 
15-2142 02/23/2016 AM 3rd FloorGabrielle Goodwin Florida Agency For Health Care Administration, etal 
14-5917 02/17/2016 AM Ft. Walton BeachAndrew Maines and Kenneth MainesMarcia Drasko Fox  
15-2077 02/17/2016 AM Ft. Walton BeachGulf Coast Community BankRobert T. Sterner, Sr., Kyong C. Sterner, et al. 
15-2584 02/17/2016 AM Ft. Walton BeachSafeco Insurance Company of IllinoisEarle Rader, Jr.  
15-2916 02/11/2016 PM 3rd FloorIsland Resorts Investments, Inc.Chris Jones, Property Appraiser etc. et al. 
15-2639 02/11/2016 PM 3rd FloorLowe's Home Centers, Inc. and Sedgwick CMSSandra K. Beekman  
14-3435 02/11/2016 AM 2nd FloorZavon Deshawn Taylor State of Florida  
15-2433 02/10/2016 PM 3rd FloorEmilia Ruedav Rouge River Farms and USIS 
15-2419 02/10/2016 AM 3rd FloorAdvanced Disposal Services, etc. et al.JWG Incorporated, d/b/a Famous etc. et al. 
15-1712 02/10/2016 PM 3rd FloorXerox State & Local Solution, Inc.Department of Revenue and Systems & Methods, Inc. 
15-4042 02/09/2016 AM 3rd FloorMarlena Christine Woods State of Florida  
15-3048 02/09/2016 AM 3rd FloorState of Florida; the Florida etc. et al.Gainesville Woman Care LLC, et al. 
15-2680 02/09/2016 PM 3rd FloorRafael Gonzalez Landry's T-Rex and Corvel Enterprise Comp/Tampa 
14-5614 02/09/2016 PM 3rd FloorThe League of Women Voters etc., et al.Ken Detzner and Pam Bondi 
14-3415 02/09/2016 AM 3rd FloorElronrico Washington State of Florida  
15-0846 01/27/2016 PM 3rd FloorJoe Kemp State of Florida  
15-2153 01/27/2016 AM 3rd FloorThomasena Mitchell Miami Dade County aka MDPD (Intracoastal) etc. 
15-1778 01/27/2016 AM 3rd FloorRobert J. Barnas Sharon L. Yeago  
14-2623 01/27/2016 PM 3rd FloorPhilip Morris USA Inc. and R. J. Reynolds etc.Gloria Bowden, as Personal etc. 
15-0970 01/26/2016 PM 3rd FloorTHG Rentals & Sales of Clearwater, Inc. et al.James C. Arnold  
15-2115 01/21/2016 AM THE UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI SJuan Alvarez Fort Pierce Police Department 
15-0165 01/21/2016 AM THE UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI SMartha Miles City of Edgewater Police Department et al. 
15-0795 01/21/2016 AM THE UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI SVictor Soca Advanced Auto Parts and Sedgwick Claims etc. 
14-2782 01/19/2016 AM 2nd FloorAlvie D. Mixon, As Trustee etc.Barbara Beale, Dawson Beale and Bank of etc. 
14-3987 01/14/2016 PM 2nd FloorTuyuana L. Morris, as Personal etc.Orlando S. Muniz, M.D., Marianna etc. et al. 
15-2398 01/13/2016 PM 3rd FloorMBM Corporation/Sedgwick Claims Management etc.Archer Wilson  
15-1310 01/13/2016 AM 3rd FloorGenesis Ministries, Inc. Gregory S. Brown, as Property etc., et al. 
14-5271 01/13/2016 AM 3rd FloorReginald Luster State of Florida  
14-5087 01/13/2016 AM 3rd FloorVia De Luna Corp, a Delaware corporationPensacola Beach, Inc. et al. 
15-2610 01/12/2016 AM 2nd FloorEarl Lorenzo Berring State of Florida  
15-0808 01/12/2016 AM 3rd FloorUnited States Fidelity & Guaranty CompanyEssex Insurance Company and Federal Insurance etc 
15-0440 01/12/2016 AM 3rd FloorJulie K. Hilton, The Loyd Charles etc. et al.David Pearson And Elizabeth Pearson et al. 
15-2694 01/12/2016 AM 3rd FloorBugware, Inc. Michael J. Williams and Williams etc. 
15-1794 01/12/2016 PM 3rd FloorGary A. Steinberg City of Tallahassee/City of Tallahassee Risk etc. 
14-4975 01/12/2016 PM 3rd FloorHerbert J. Pindar State of Florida  
14-4842 01/12/2016 PM 3rd FloorJonathan Wayne Glass State of Florida  
14-2928 12/02/2015 AM 3rd FloorGreenway, LLC. and G.H.M.D., LLC.Steinhatchee Ancient Oaks Property etc. et al. 
15-1983 11/18/2015 AM 3rd FloorStanley D. Jonas Gainesville Council on Aging, Inc.; et al. 
15-1513 11/18/2015 AM 3rd FloorCertistaff, Inc./Summit HoldingsKenneth Owen  
15-0693 11/17/2015 AM 2nd FloorWHS Trucking LLC Reemployment Assistance Appeals Commission et al. 
15-0627 11/17/2015 PM 3rd FloorGifford & Hagood, LLC Christopher S. Bentley, Angela P. Bentley, Michael S. Needles, and Ashley Plantation Homeowners' Association  
15-0383 11/17/2015 AM 2nd FloorState of Florida, Dept. of Economic etc.Consumer Rights, LLC  
15-1749 11/17/2015 AM 2nd FloorKathy Jennings Habana Health Care Center and Gallagher Bassett 
15-1168 11/17/2015 AM 3rd FloorCity of Jacksonville Beach, FloridaBrothers Five of Jacksonville, etc. 
15-1077 11/17/2015 PM 3rd FloorJacob Pollock Citizens Property Insurance Corporation 
14-4079 11/17/2015 AM 3rd FloorArizona Chemical Company, LLCMohawk Industries, Inc. and Aladdin etc. 
14-4013 11/17/2015 AM 3rd FloorElnora Hurrye, Jessie Hurrye, and Nicole HurryeCaitlyn Munoz  
13-2228 11/17/2015 AM 2nd FloorAntonio Richardson State of Florida  
14-5029 11/12/2015 PM 2nd FloorShaun Lesnik Duval Ford, LLC, a Florida corp. et al. 
15-0838 11/04/2015 AM JacksonvillePaul M. Harden, as guardian etc. Vystar Credit Union and Marco H. DeBruijn, et al.Audio and Video are unavailable due to a recording issue
14-5553 11/04/2015 AM Jacksonville400 East Bay Street, LLC, a Virginia etc. et al.The Plaza Condominium Association etc.Audio and Video are unavailable due to a recording issue
14-4444 11/04/2015 AM JacksonvilleJohn Lee Taylor Seketa Culver End of Video is missing due to a recording issue
15-0698 11/04/2015 AM JacksonvilleDeutsche Bank National Trust Company, etc.Margaret A. Massey, et al.Beginning of Video is missing due to a recording issue
15-0574 11/03/2015 AM JacksonvillePatricia J. Cook, as personal Representative of the Estate of Alfred B. Cook, III, and Marjorie Ann DrummFernandina Seafood Company, a Florida etc.Video and Audio are unavailable due to a recording issue
13-4903 10/28/2015 AM 2nd FloorG. B., Z.L., through his guardian K.L., et al.Agency For Persons With Disabilities 
15-2796 10/22/2015 AM GainesvilleStephan Milton Showstark Estate of Susan Evelyn Showstark  
14-4317 10/22/2015 AM GainesvilleTed K. Brown, Former HusbandValerie Hays Brown, Former Wife 
15-0092 10/22/2015 AM GainesvilleMegan E. Baan, as the Personal etc.Columbia County Beginning is missing due to a recording issue
14-5869 10/20/2015 PM 3rd FloorBoley Centers, Inc./ Comp OptionsWilliam Vines  
14-2459 10/15/2015 PM 3rd FloorJoel Flowers State of Florida  
14-2300 10/15/2015 PM 3rd FloorMiguel Delfin-Manta State of Florida  
15-0517 10/14/2015 PM 3rd FloorSea World Parks and Entertainment, LLC et al.Luis Diaz  
14-5858 10/14/2015 PM 3rd FloorR. J. Reynolds Tobacco CompanyHelen Taylor  
14-4329 10/14/2015 PM 3rd FloorGinger Manos, M. D. Coastal Vascular etc. et al. 
15-0959 10/13/2015 PM 3rd FloorMichael Anthony Petrucci Phillip Brinson  
15-0871 10/13/2015 PM 3rd FloorDepartment of Education Educational Charter Foundation of etc. 
15-0870 10/13/2015 AM 3rd FloorNathanael Arumugam Publix Supermarkets, Inc. and Publix Risk etc. 
15-1721 10/13/2015 AM 3rd FloorWilliam Purcell, D.C. and Tampa Chiropractic etc.Allstate Indemnity Company, et al. 
15-1248 10/13/2015 AM 3rd FloorDunes of Seagrove Owners Association, Inc.Dunes of Seagrove Development, Inc.; et al. 
14-5281 10/13/2015 PM 3rd FloorROADS INC. OF NWF Theresa M. Guy, as Personal etc. 
14-3474 10/13/2015 AM 2nd FloorPanhandle Plumbing, Inc. Michael C. Blanchard, a/p/r of and etc. et al. 
12-5934 10/13/2015 AM 3rd FloorLester Hackley State of Florida  
13-2817 09/22/2015 PM 3rd FloorBernard Briston Davis State of Florida  
15-0364 09/16/2015 PM 3rd FloorConstance Heiskell and Robert J. MorrisJohn E. Morris, I I I  
15-0213 09/16/2015 AM 3rd FloorZoltan Barati State of Florida, Motorola, Inc. et al. 
14-5065 09/16/2015 PM 2nd FloorRodney J. Puckett, Jr. Vallencourt Construction Company, Inc. et al. 
14-4968 09/16/2015 PM 2nd FloorTonshad Levon Culpepper Julie L. Jones, Secretary, etc. et al. 
14-4791 09/16/2015 PM 3rd FloorJames V. and Patricia Raffone, etc.First American Title Insurance Company 
14-4617 09/16/2015 AM 3rd FloorRamona Zavala Ecomomic Development Commission of Mid-Florida 
13-4517 09/16/2015 AM 2nd FloorLogan Brooks Drinkard State of Florida  
15-1119 09/15/2015 AM 2nd FloorMyron's Asset Locator Services, LLC etc.Department of Financial Services 
15-0109 09/15/2015 AM 3rd FloorSouthern Baptist Hospital Of Florida, Inc.Jean Charles, Jr., as next etc. et al. 
15-0091 09/15/2015 AM 3rd FloorSandra Sheridan State of Florida, Department of Health  
14-3971 09/15/2015 AM 3rd FloorBlack Business Investment Fund of etc. State of Florida, Department of etc. 
14-3656 09/15/2015 AM 2nd FloorMohamad R. Samiian, M.D., individually etc. First Professionals Insurance etc. et al. 
14-1053 09/15/2015 PM 2nd FloorJeremiah Schroder, Husband, Laura Aaron Schroder, Wife 
14-5802 08/25/2015 AM OrlandoBright House Networks, LLC/ESIS-New etc.Helen Yohn-Weinstein  
14-5436 08/25/2015 AM OrlandoYvette Digrius Anchorage Resort and AmTrust NA 
14-2241 08/11/2015 PM 3rd FloorJoshiwah Denard Vaughn State of Florida  
13-4938 08/11/2015 PM 3rd FloorJoseph E. Floyd State of Florida  
15-1427 07/29/2015 AM JacksonvilleCorey Jamaine Dozier State of Florida  
15-0358 07/29/2015 AM JacksonvilleRufus Holmes and Triple P Distributing etc.Daniel C. Felton  
14-4681 07/29/2015 AM JacksonvilleCaretenders of Jacksonville, LLC etc.Christina Leath, an individual; et al. 
15-0204 07/29/2015 AM JacksonvilleMichael Conley and Brian Conley14th Street Trust #720. Brooker etc. et al. 
14-3829 07/28/2015 AM JacksonvilleCity of Jacksonville, et al.Germain Lenrod Dubose  
14-4495 07/28/2015 AM JacksonvilleColumbia Bank Heather Johnson Turbeville, et al. 
14-4356 07/28/2015 AM JacksonvilleVanessa Correa Santiago Glyn A. Sandiford, an individual 
14-4256 07/22/2015 AM 3rd FloorShawn Ahearn, on behalf of himself and all etc.Mayo Clinic, a Florida Corporation; Mayo etc. 
14-5568 07/15/2015 PM 2nd FloorNorth Broward Hospital d/b/a Broward etc.State of Florida, Agency for Health Care etc. 
14-4986 07/15/2015 PM 3rd FloorHasan Murshed, M.D. Panama City Urological Center, P.A., etc. et al. 
14-0195 07/15/2015 PM 3rd FloorMichael Dorsey State of Florida  
15-0220 07/14/2015 PM 3rd FloorCarlos Antonio Bonnett State of Florida  
14-5872 07/14/2015 AM 3rd FloorSave the Homosassa River Alliance, Inc. etalFlorida Department of Environmental Protection 
14-4614 07/14/2015 AM 2nd FloorFlorida Carry, Inc. University of Florida, Bernie Machen 
14-4613 07/14/2015 AM 3rd FloorJames Burkhead Action Crane Services, Inc. et al. 
13-6084 07/14/2015 AM 3rd FloorWalton Henry Butler State of Florida  
14-2951 06/23/2015 AM 3rd FloorDan Sowell, Bay County Property AppraiserState of Florida Department of etc. 
14-4187 06/17/2015 AM 3rd FloorPinellas County, a political etc.Florida Department of Juvenile Justice 
14-2076 06/17/2015 AM 3rd FloorLeon Bullard State of Florida  
14-4988 06/16/2015 AM 3rd FloorBaker County Medical Services, Inc. etc.State of Florida, Agency for Health etc. et al. 
14-4579 06/16/2015 AM 3rd FloorLake Shore Hospital Authority et al.Stewart Lilker  
13-4950 06/16/2015 PM 3rd FloorJames Carter State of Florida  
14-2284 06/10/2015 PM 2nd FloorKenneth E. Higgins and Deete Higgins, etc.Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company 
15-0524 06/10/2015 PM 2nd FloorPort Everglades Pilots AssociationFlorida-Caribbean Cruise Association 
14-4120 06/10/2015 PM 2nd FloorCentennial Bank NFP 1, LLC, an etc. et al. 
14-5395 06/09/2015 PM 3rd FloorVictor Gonzalez Quinco Electrical Inc., and Zenith Insurance Co. 
14-5372 06/09/2015 PM 2nd FloorIra Russack, Marc Russack, et al.Compass Bank, T-R Properties etc. 
14-5088 06/09/2015 PM 2nd FloorMarjorie Taylor Volusia County Fire Rescue/County of etc. 
14-2808 06/09/2015 AM 3rd FloorAshley Michelle Eichman State of Florida  
14-2770 06/09/2015 PM 2nd FloorMichael Mobley, by and through his father etc.State of Florida, Agency for Health Care etc. 
13-4091 06/09/2015 AM 3rd FloorRicky T. Oliver State of Florida  
14-4807 05/28/2015 AM 3rd FloorThe Moore Law Firm PA Don Howard, as Clerk of the Okaloosa etc. et al. 
14-3178 05/28/2015 AM 3rd FloorEmma Gayle Weaver, individually, etc.Stephen C. Myers, M.D., West Florida etc. et al. 
14-4766 05/27/2015 PM 3rd FloorSilver Shells Corporation St. Maarten at Silver Shells Condominium etc. 
14-3518 05/20/2015 AM PensacolaSeaside Town Council, Inc.Seaside Community Development etc. et al. 
14-3658 05/20/2015 AM PensacolaSteven C. Kronlage, M. D. Cathleen Corwell Steele  
13-5553 05/14/2015 AM 3rd FloorJacari Campbell State of Florida  
14-5187 05/13/2015 AM 3rd FloorKelli Lawhead Adams and Reese, formerly d/b/a Igler etc. 
14-4910 05/13/2015 PM 3rd FloorVioleta Sta Ana Publix Supermarkets and Publix Risk Management 
14-4476 05/13/2015 PM 3rd FloorSchool Board of Lee County and Johns etc.Leila Huben  
14-4419 05/13/2015 AM 3rd FloorRichard F. Cruz State of Florida Department of etc. et al. 
14-3915 05/13/2015 PM 3rd FloorMontrell D. Green Warden Diane Andrews, et al. 
14-2001 05/13/2015 AM 3rd FloorShands Jacksonville Medical Center, Inc.State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. Co. 
14-3966 05/12/2015 PM 2nd FloorRhinehart Equipment Co. State of Florida, Department of Revenue 
14-3420 05/12/2015 PM 3rd FloorKeefe Commissary Network, L.L.C.Department of Corrections and Trinity etc. et al. 
14-3213 05/12/2015 AM 2nd FloorVerizon Business Purchasing, LLC,State of Florida, Department of Revenue etc 
14-3110 05/12/2015 PM 2nd FloorPamela Maria Dickinson, Former WifeDouglas Edward Dickinson, Former Husband 
14-2625 05/12/2015 AM 2nd FloorDana S. Cannon State of Florida  
14-1996 05/12/2015 PM 3rd FloorK & H Development Group, Inc. et al.Keith Howard, The Howard Company etc. et al. 
14-1984 05/12/2015 PM 3rd FloorK & H Development Group, Inc. et al.Walton County, Florida  
14-1116 05/12/2015 AM 2nd FloorCrowley's Concrete, Inc., and Kelly MaloneEdward Gathercole  
13-5380 05/12/2015 PM 2nd FloorAlan Lynsdale Hamilton State of Florida  
14-0235 04/15/2015 AM 2nd FloorJames Madonia State of Florida  
15-0333 04/13/2015 PM 3rd FloorSheriff Morris Young State of Florida  
14-2205 03/26/2015 PM 3rd FloorBrian Scherer Volusia County Department of etc. et al. 
14-1797 03/26/2015 PM 3rd FloorAbpaymar, LLC Richard W. Campanaro, Mary P. Campanaro, et al. 
14-4825 03/25/2015 AM JacksonvilleGeraldo Herrera Dept. of Highway Safety and etc.Consolidated with 14-4850
14-2929 03/25/2015 AM JacksonvilleChristina Breza Cemetery Professionals, L.L.C. etc 
14-4161 03/25/2015 AM JacksonvilleLender Processing Services, Inc.Arch Insurance Company  
14-3868 03/25/2015 AM 3rd FloorCitizens of the State of Florida, etc.Florida Public Service Commission, etc. 
14-2986 03/25/2015 PM 3rd FloorEsad Babahmetovic Scan Design Florida Inc/ Zenith Insurance Company 
14-2663 03/25/2015 PM 3rd FloorTaylor Morrison Services, Inc. etc.Carol Ecos and Susan Bessing 
14-1961 03/24/2015 AM JacksonvilleAmelia Island Restaurant II, Inc., a Florida corp.Omni Amelia Island, LLC, etc. 
14-3613 03/24/2015 AM JacksonvilleState Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance etc.Heather Spears and Brandi Gunter 
14-2950 03/24/2015 AM JacksonvilleBernadette Denson SM-Planters Walk, LLC., d/b/a etc. et al. 
14-0664 03/24/2015 AM JacksonvilleJax Utilities Management, Inc.Hancock Bank, A Foreign Corp. et al. 
14-3272 03/17/2015 PM 3rd FloorJoAnne Wolczynski Beth Ingram & Associates/ Summit Claims Center 
14-4147 03/11/2015 AM 3rd FloorR. J. Reynolds Tobacco CompanyLyantie Townsend, as Personal etc. 
14-5106 03/10/2015 PM 3rd FloorJoe Sullivan Julie L. Jones, Sec., Florida Dept. of Corr. 
14-3233 03/10/2015 PM 3rd FloorFlorida Department of HealthPeter V. Choy, M.D.  
14-2896 03/10/2015 AM 2nd FloorJohn Sena Agency, Inc., et al.Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. etc. 
14-2106 03/10/2015 AM 2nd FloorBrittney D. Smith, as Personal etc. et al.Roberts Sand Company, LLLP, a Florida Corp. 
14-1782 03/10/2015 PM 3rd Floorbrenda Leiva Gems Global Incorporated Tower Group, et al. 
14-4675 02/18/2015 AM 3rd FloorShands Teaching Hospital and Clinics, Inc., etc.The Estate of Ashley Lawson, By and etc. 
14-3159 02/18/2015 AM 3rd FloorPenbeck, Inc. d/b/a Newberry's etc et alRocco T. Voglio, an individual, et al 
14-3063 02/18/2015 AM 3rd FloorBROADSPIRE, A Crawford etc. et al. James E. Jones  
14-2718 02/18/2015 AM 3rd FloorState of Florida Jonathan Michael Vansparrentak 
14-4417 02/17/2015 AM 3rd FloorFlorida Office of Insurance RegulationFlorida Department of Financial etc., et al. 
14-2571 02/17/2015 AM 3rd FloorKaren Bennett and T. Reppard Bennett, etc.Walton County, a political etc. 
14-1213 02/17/2015 AM 3rd FloorAllstate Fire and Casualty Insurance, etc.Stand-Up MRI of Tallahassee, P. A. 
14-2875 02/11/2015 PM 3rd FloorPamela Mitchell Osceola County School Board, et al 
14-2635 02/11/2015 PM 3rd FloorMichelle O'Neal HSBC Bank, USA, NA, as Trustee etc. et al. 
14-2653 02/10/2015 AM 3rd FloorConsumer Rights, LLC Union County, Florida  
14-2136 02/10/2015 PM 3rd FloorSEDA Construction Company Nassau County, Florida, a public body, et al. 
14-1690 02/10/2015 AM 3rd FloorGeorge A. Hart and Diane L. HartWachovia Bank, National Association, etc. 
14-1118 02/10/2015 PM 3rd FloorGrace Lefkowitz Reemployment Assistance Appeals Commission et al. 
14-1071 02/10/2015 AM 3rd FloorBRUCE BROCK Jennifer McWhorter on behalf of, etc.  
13-2173 02/10/2015 PM 3rd FloorCharlton Dewayne LauramoreState of Florida  
14-3703 02/05/2015 AM Panama CityPamela Pettis Cobb, Personal etc. Joseph G. Moody and Emerald Coast etc. 
14-3512 02/05/2015 AM Panama CityBarbara J. Tindle Donnie Childree, and Unknown Tenants 
14-1231 02/05/2015 AM Panama CityGlen McGhee Southern Association of Colleges and Schools etc.Recording is unavailable due to technical difficulties
14-2351 01/28/2015 AM 3rd FloorKeith Douglas Rancifer State of Florida  
13-5671 01/27/2015 AM 3rd FloorDaniel Rombola and Maria HernandezMichelle Botchey  
14-0112 01/20/2015 AM 3rd FloorRoof Painting by Hartzell Inc,, et al Andres Hernandez, Color Construction, Inc., et al 
13-6152 01/20/2015 AM 3rd FloorChristopher Markus State of Florida  
13-4775 01/15/2015 PM 2nd FloorCrystal Sells, as Personal, etc. CSX Transportation, Inc.  
14-0830 01/15/2015 AM 3rd FloorAnna M. Whalen Opis Management Resources, LLC., et al 
14-1739 01/15/2015 AM 3rd FloorKeyon Ikeem Carlton Bell State of Florida  
14-3592 01/14/2015 AM 2nd FloorJames Apthorp Kenneth W. Detzner, in his capacity etc. 
14-1871 01/14/2015 AM 3rd FloorMarion Hyper-Submersible Powerboat Design, etc.Subventure Alliance, LLC, a Florida Limited etc. 
14-1671 01/14/2015 AM 3rd FloorMarshall Stranburg, in his official etc.Panama Commons L.P. 
14-1446 01/14/2015 AM 2nd FloorMiami-Dade County Thomasena Mitchell  
14-1264 01/14/2015 AM 3rd FloorBennie John Ross State of Florida  
13-6199 01/14/2015 AM 2nd FloorState of Florida Christopher L. Carpenter  
13-5365 01/14/2015 PM 3rd FloorFeliciano Montijo State of Florida  
14-0054 01/13/2015 AM 2nd FloorEarl Germany and Deborah GermanyWilliam Dewayne Darby and Federated Mutual etc. 
14-3974 01/13/2015 AM 3rd FloorBiscayne Bay Pilots, Inc. Florida Caribbean-Cruise Association 
14-2655 01/13/2015 PM 3rd FloorProvident Group- Continuum etc.Ed Crapo, in his capacity etc. et al. 
14-2436 01/13/2015 AM 3rd FloorLender Ann Hamilton Pilgrim's Pride Corporation 
14-2427 01/13/2015 AM 3rd FloorA.H. Agency For Persons With Disabilities, etc. 
14-2029 01/13/2015 AM 2nd FloorCAROLYN CAMPBELL, Donald C. Tinnell, et al.Florida Commerce Credit Union  
14-1444 01/13/2015 AM 2nd FloorGwendolyn Echo MGA Insurance Company, Inc. 
13-6108 01/13/2015 AM 3rd FloorDade County Police Benevolent AssociationMiami-Dade County Board of County etc. et al. 
14-5647 01/08/2015 PM 3rd FloorDonald James Smith State of Florida  
13-5135 01/08/2015 AM 3rd FloorWilmario Trueblood State of Florida  
14-3954 12/15/2014 PM 3rd FloorM. M., A Child Cody Wood, Superintendent Leon Regional etc. 
13-5972 12/15/2014 PM 3rd FloorAvalon's Assisted Living III, LLCAgency For Health Care Administration 
14-0937 11/19/2014 AM 2nd FloorCity of Fort Pierce/ Florida Municipal etc.Donald Spence  
14-3007 11/19/2014 AM 2nd FloorDepartment of Juvenile JusticeState of Florida  
14-3018 11/18/2014 AM 3rd FloorSamuel Jackson Columbia Pictures and Fireman's Fund 
14-1478 11/18/2014 AM 3rd FloorJohn R. McCoy James C. Miller, Inc. And Builder's Insurance Co. 
13-3826 11/18/2014 AM 3rd FloorLarry Jossey State of Florida  
14-1345 11/13/2014 AM 3rd FloorCooperatives Services of Florida, Inc.Department of Management Services, et al 
13-5798 11/13/2014 AM 3rd FloorEyvind Bonner International Paper Company/Sedgwick CMS 
13-3182 11/13/2014 AM 3rd FloorJohn Gordon Knight State of Florida  
14-2100 11/12/2014 AM 3rd FloorAlfonso Ramos Club Link Corp., and Hartford 
14-2049 11/05/2014 AM JacksonvilleConsumer Rights, LLC Bradford County, Florida  
14-2688 11/05/2014 AM JacksonvilleDepartment of Highway Safety and Motor etc.Eric Hirtzel  
14-2923 11/05/2014 AM JacksonvilleDennis Bitteker Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles 
13-5856 11/05/2014 AM JacksonvilleTerry L. Case and Elizabeth R. Case, etc.Andrews B. Newman, an individual, et. al. 
14-0493 11/04/2014 AM JacksonvilleCharles and Virginia BarnesBerkshire Planned Community etc. et al. 
13-5815 11/04/2014 AM JacksonvilleDaniel and Cheryl Montero on behalf of, etc.Duval County School Board 
13-5778 11/04/2014 AM JacksonvilleWilliam Moncrief Wood, Jr Former HusbandPeggy Hodge Wood, Former Wife 
13-5689 11/04/2014 AM JacksonvilleDeborah H. Griffin Hammer Flo, LLC, a Florida limited etc. 
13-5912 10/29/2014 AM 3rd FloorDaniel J. Schmidt Charles Van, Sr., and Rilla Van, etc. 
14-0430 10/28/2014 AM 3rd FloorSentry Insurance Company and Spencer Gifts HoldingLawrence Levin  
14-0125 10/23/2014 AM GainesvilleDonna Mae Poole as Personal, etc. CSX Transportation Inc. etc., et al. 
14-0517 10/23/2014 AM GainesvilleKhepera Solar, LLC, a Florida Limited etc.City of Gainesville d/b/a Gainesville Regional etc. 
13-5966 10/23/2014 AM GainesvilleMichael L. Steinberg Miriam F. Steinberg  
14-0179 10/21/2014 PM 3rd FloorBrian Michael Robinson State of Florida  
14-0115 10/21/2014 PM 3rd FloorFabre Engineering, Inc. Phoenix Construction Services, Inc., et al. 
14-2028 10/21/2014 PM 2nd FloorS. D., the Biological Father of K. R. M., etc.J. K. and C. K.  
13-4250 10/21/2014 PM 2nd FloorMichael Alan McCallum State of Florida  
12-5189 10/21/2014 PM 3rd FloorChristopher Perry State of Florida  
14-0178 10/16/2014 AM 3rd FloorFlorida Hospital Orlando State of Florida, Agency for Health Care etc. 
14-0959 10/14/2014 PM 3rd FloorPHILLIP S. LANE Workforce Business Services, Inc. etc., etal 
14-0477 10/14/2014 AM 2nd FloorNISSI, INC. AND CARTER SIGN RENTALS, INC.Department of Transportation 
14-0046 10/14/2014 AM 3rd FloorBIEL REO, LLC Barefoot Cottages Development etc. et al. 
13-6002 10/14/2014 PM 3rd FloorR. J. Reynolds Tobacco CompanySharon Odum, as Per. Rep. for the Estate etc. 
13-5040 10/14/2014 AM 3rd FloorClarence Lamar Henry State of Florida  
13-4408 10/14/2014 AM 3rd FloorJames H. Tipler State of Florida  
13-3709 10/14/2014 AM 2nd FloorKaren Whitney R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company et al. 
14-1511 09/24/2014 AM 3rd FloorDr. Antonio Pena Sacred Heart Health System, et al. 
13-4994 09/24/2014 AM 3rd FloorCo-Personal Representative etc.John Gavin Wiggins, as Co-Personal etc. 
13-2524 09/18/2014 PM 2nd FloorOscar Martinez United Forming, Inc/ Travelers, etc, et al. 
13-6186 09/17/2014 AM 2nd FloorClarence Dreier and Brad DreierWachovia Bank, National AssociationAudio and Video are unavailable due to equipment failure
14-0443 09/17/2014 AM 2nd FloorMayor Alvin Brown and the City of JacksonvilleFrank Denton Audio and Video are unavailable due to equipment failure
13-5444 09/17/2014 AM 2nd FloorDIRECTV, Inc. n/k/a DIRECTV, LLC et al.State of Florida, Department of etc. et al.Audio and Video are unavailable due to equipment failure
14-0908 09/17/2014 PM 3rd FloorPanzer Law, P. A. Palm Beach County School District, et al. 
14-0873 09/17/2014 PM 3rd FloorAmerisure Mutual Insurance CompanyFlorida Department of Financial Services, etc. 
14-0824 09/17/2014 AM 2nd FloorAFP Management Corp./ Florida, etc.Jose Martinez  
13-6242 09/17/2014 PM 3rd FloorDaniel Whelan Advantage Delivery & Logistics 
13-5600 09/17/2014 AM 2nd FloorJohn P. Cornelius and Tricia CorneliusDouglas K. Magee and The Salvation, etc. 
14-0745 09/16/2014 PM 2nd FloorMarshall R. Cassedy, Jr. Kevin M. Hofmann, John N. Patronis, and Anne L. etc 
14-0188 09/16/2014 AM 2nd FloorUnited Faculty of Florida Florida State Board of Education 
14-1738 09/16/2014 AM 3rd FloorCelia D. Brooks Green Tree Servicing LLC and The Unknown etc. 
13-6157 09/16/2014 PM 2nd FloorJack Carswell, Minor Child, et alFlorida State University Schools, Inc., et al 
13-6153 09/16/2014 AM 2nd FloorMaren L. Deweese Ashton J. Hayward, in his official etc. et al. 
13-5998 09/16/2014 PM 3rd FloorDaniel and Nancy KiefertNationstar Mortgage, LLC  
13-4420 09/16/2014 PM 3rd FloorTOTAL ASSET RECOVERY Services, LLC, RelatorMetropolitan Life Ins. Co Prudential etc., et al. 
13-4312 09/16/2014 PM 2nd FloorR. J. Reynolds Tobacco CompanyRobert Thibault, Personal Representative etc. 
13-4200 09/16/2014 AM 3rd FloorBaggett Brothers Farm, Inc.Altha Farmers Cooperative Inc. 
12-5712 09/16/2014 AM 2nd FloorSaritha Reddy Paduru and Ravi AnuguAllison W. Klinkenberg  
12-1925 09/16/2014 AM 2nd FloorAnnette Merete Overgaard, Former WifeJohn Batista, Former Husband 
14-3667 09/12/2014 AM 3rd FloorDavid P. Trotti Ken Detzner, Secretary of State 
14-0060 08/19/2014 AM OrlandoRobert Tetterton Co-Op Oil Company, Inc./ Retail First etc. 
13-5580 08/19/2014 AM OrlandoPhillip A. Fortune Gulf Coast Tree Care Inc./Florida Citrus etc. 
13-5835 07/29/2014 PM 3rd FloorS. Brian Kim, Trustee UTA of etc. et al.Destiny by the Sea Owners Association, etc. 
13-3854 07/29/2014 AM 3rd FloorMarvin Richard Schmutz Regatta Bay Owners Association, Inc, et al. 
13-4647 07/23/2014 AM JacksonvilleWalgreen Company, a/k/a and d/b/a WalgreensKathryn Dalgleish  
13-4726 07/23/2014 AM JacksonvilleCaretenders Visiting Services of, etc.Christina Leath, an Individual:,etc., et al.Recording Unavailable
13-5162 07/23/2014 AM JacksonvilleLee F. Mercier, as Representative etc.Marsha G. Rydberg, as Personal etc. et al.Partial Recording
13-2109 07/22/2014 AM JacksonvilleJohn Gray Damil Belizaire Recording Unavailable
13-4652 07/22/2014 AM JacksonvilleYazan Khatib, Vaqar Ali, Youssef Al-Saghir, et al.Old Dominion Insurance Company et al.Partial Recording
13-4573 07/22/2014 AM JacksonvilleMarybeth Leamer, as Trustee, etc. Marilyn B. White and Omni Amelia Island, etc. 
13-3714 07/22/2014 AM JacksonvilleAngela Lane Cash Cynthia Holmes Jenkins and Charles Jenkins 
14-0799 07/16/2014 PM 3rd FloorNicholas A. James Daniel K. Leigh, and Kenny Leigh, P.A. 
13-3765 07/16/2014 AM 2nd FloorLouis W. Graffeo I I I and Jessica GraffeoElizabeth Bauer a/k/a Elizabeth McDonald 
13-2981 07/16/2014 PM 3rd FloorUlisban Shawn Bryant State of Florida  
14-0094 07/15/2014 PM 3rd FloorProgressive Employer Management Co. et al.Ronald Dulac  
14-0079 07/15/2014 AM 2nd FloorIan A. Pierson, Former HusbandJennifer L. Pierson, Wife 
14-1127 07/15/2014 PM 3rd FloorJoseph E. Kenney Department of Highway Safety etc. 
13-5445 07/15/2014 AM 3rd FloorDewey Kessler Stage Call, Inc. And Travelers etc. 
13-5299 07/15/2014 AM 3rd FloorThrivent Financial For LutheransState of Florida, Dept. of Financial Services 
13-5266 07/15/2014 AM 3rd FloorWilliam H. Carr, Jr., HusbandLynne O'Shall Carr, Wife 
13-4960 07/15/2014 PM 2nd FloorSouthern Baptist Hospital of Florida, Inc., etc.Diane L. Smith, as Personal etc et al. 
13-4068 07/15/2014 PM 2nd FloorFraternal Order of Police, Gator, etc.City of Gainesville, Florida 
13-0039 07/15/2014 AM 2nd FloorCaroline Bell Chadbourne, WifeEdward Merriam Chadbourne, III, Husband 
13-3863 07/15/2014 AM 2nd FloorStephen A. Scott, P.A. and Stephen A. ScottCity of Gainesville, Florida 
13-2153 07/15/2014 PM 2nd FloorShannon Abbott State of Florida  
13-5988 06/18/2014 PM