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All OA's held September 17, 2013 onward will be found exclusively on this page.  Additionally, the Court is in the process of adding OA video archives from 2011 and 2012 to this page.The complete archive of videos from 2004-August 2013 will remain available at this page but will be available in Windows Media format only.

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PlayCase NumberOA DateCourt RoomAppellantAppellee
14-4825 03/25/2015 AM JacksonvilleGeraldo Herrera Dept. of Highway Safety and etc.
14-2929 03/25/2015 AM JacksonvilleChristina Breza Cemetery Professionals, L.L.C. etc
14-4161 03/25/2015 AM JacksonvilleLender Processing Services, Inc.Arch Insurance Company
14-3868 03/25/2015 AM 3rd FloorCitizens of the State of Florida, etc.Florida Public Service Commission
14-2986 03/25/2015 PM 3rd FloorEsad Babahmetovic Scan Design Florida Inc/ Zenith Insurance Company
14-2663 03/25/2015 PM 3rd FloorTaylor Morrison Services, Inc. etc.Carol Ecos and Susan Bessing
14-1961 03/24/2015 AM JacksonvilleAmelia Island Restaurant II, Inc., a Florida corp.Omni Amelia Island, LLC, etc.
14-3613 03/24/2015 AM JacksonvilleState Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance etc.Heather Spears and Brandi Gunter
14-2950 03/24/2015 AM JacksonvilleBernadette Denson SM-Planters Walk, LLC., d/b/a etc. et al.
14-0664 03/24/2015 AM JacksonvilleJax Utilities Management, Inc.Hancock Bank, A Foreign Corp. et al.
14-3272 03/17/2015 PM 3rd FloorJoAnne Wolczynski Beth Ingram & Associates/ Summit Claims Center
14-4147 03/11/2015 AM 3rd FloorR. J. Reynolds Tobacco CompanyLyantie Townsend, as Personal etc.
14-5106 03/10/2015 PM 3rd FloorJoe Sullivan Michael D. Crews, Secretary, etc.
14-3233 03/10/2015 PM 3rd FloorFLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF HealthPeter V. Choy, M.D.
14-2896 03/10/2015 AM 2nd FloorJohn Sena Agency, Inc., et al.Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. etc.
14-2106 03/10/2015 AM 2nd FloorBrittney D. Smith, as Personal etc. et al.Roberts Sand Company, LLLP, a Florida Corp.
14-1782 03/10/2015 PM 3rd Floorbrenda Leiva Gems Global Incorporated Tower Group, et al.
14-4675 02/18/2015 AM 3rd FloorShands Teaching Hospital and Clinics, Inc., etc.The Estate of Ashley Lawson, By and etc.
14-3159 02/18/2015 AM 3rd FloorPenbeck, Inc. d/b/a Newberry's etc et alRocco T. Voglio, an individual, et al
14-3063 02/18/2015 AM 3rd FloorBROADSPIRE, A Crawford etc. et al. James E. Jones
14-2718 02/18/2015 AM 3rd FloorState of Florida Jonathan Michael Vansparrentak
14-4417 02/17/2015 AM 3rd FloorFlorida Office of Insurance RegulationFlorida Department of Financial etc., et al.
14-2571 02/17/2015 AM 3rd FloorKaren Bennett and T. Reppard Bennett, etc.Walton County, a political etc.
14-1213 02/17/2015 AM 3rd FloorAllstate Fire and Casualty Insurance, etc.Stand-Up MRI of Tallahassee, P. A.
14-2875 02/11/2015 PM 3rd FloorPamela Mitchell Osceola County School Board, et al
14-2635 02/11/2015 PM 3rd FloorMichelle O'Neal HSBC Bank, USA, NA, as Trustee etc. et al.
14-2653 02/10/2015 AM 3rd FloorConsumer Rights, LLC Union County, Florida
14-2136 02/10/2015 PM 3rd FloorSEDA Construction Company Nassau County, Florida, a public body, et al.
14-1690 02/10/2015 AM 3rd FloorGeorge A. Hart and Diane L. HartWachovia Bank, National Association, etc.
14-1118 02/10/2015 PM 3rd FloorGrace Lefkowitz Reemployment Assistance Appeals Commission et al.
14-1071 02/10/2015 AM 3rd FloorBRUCE BROCK Jennifer McWhorter on behalf of, etc.
13-2173 02/10/2015 PM 3rd FloorCharlton Dewayne LauramoreState of Florida
14-3703 02/05/2015 AM Panama CityPamela Pettis Cobb, Personal etc. Joseph G. Moody and Emerald Coast etc.
14-3512 02/05/2015 AM Panama CityBarbara J. Tindle Donnie Childree, and Unknown Tenants
14-1231 02/05/2015 AM Panama CityGlen McGhee Southern Association of Colleges and Schools etc.
14-2351 01/28/2015 AM 3rd FloorKeith Douglas Rancifer State of Florida
13-5671 01/27/2015 AM 3rd FloorDaniel Rombola and Maria HernandezMichelle Botchey
14-0112 01/20/2015 AM 3rd FloorRoof Painting by Hartzell Inc,, et al Andres Hernandez, Color Construction, Inc., et al
13-6152 01/20/2015 AM 3rd FloorChristopher Markus State of Florida
13-4775 01/15/2015 PM 2nd FloorCrystal Sells, as Personal, etc. CSX Transportation, Inc.
14-0830 01/15/2015 AM 3rd FloorAnna M. Whalen Opis Management Resources, LLC., et al
14-1739 01/15/2015 AM 3rd FloorKeyon Ikeem Carlton Bell State of Florida
14-3592 01/14/2015 AM 2nd FloorJames Apthorp Kenneth W. Detzner, in his capacity etc.
14-1871 01/14/2015 AM 3rd FloorMarion Hyper-Submersible Powerboat Design, etc.Subventure Alliance, LLC, a Florida Limited etc.
14-1671 01/14/2015 AM 3rd FloorMarshall Stranburg, in his official etc.Panama Commons L.P.
14-1446 01/14/2015 AM 2nd FloorMiami-Dade County Thomasena Mitchell
14-1264 01/14/2015 AM 3rd FloorBennie John Ross State of Florida
13-6199 01/14/2015 AM 2nd FloorState of Florida Christopher L. Carpenter
13-5365 01/14/2015 PM 3rd FloorFeliciano Montijo State of Florida
14-0054 01/13/2015 AM 2nd FloorEarl Germany and Deborah GermanyWilliam Dewayne Darby and Federated Mutual etc.
14-3974 01/13/2015 AM 3rd FloorBiscayne Bay Pilots, Inc. Florida Caribbean-Cruise Association
14-2655 01/13/2015 PM 3rd FloorProvident Group- Continuum etc.Ed Crapo, in his capacity etc. et al.
14-2436 01/13/2015 AM 3rd FloorLender Ann Hamilton Pilgrim's Pride Corporation
14-2427 01/13/2015 AM 3rd FloorA.H. Agency For Persons With Disabilities, etc.
14-2029 01/13/2015 AM 2nd FloorCAROLYN CAMPBELL, Donald C. Tinnell, et al.Florida Commerce Credit Union
14-1444 01/13/2015 AM 2nd FloorGwendolyn Echo MGA Insurance Company, Inc.
13-6108 01/13/2015 AM 3rd FloorDade County Police Benevolent AssociationMiami-Dade County Board of County etc. et al.
14-5647 01/08/2015 PM 3rd FloorDonald James Smith State of Florida
13-5135 01/08/2015 AM 3rd FloorWilmario Trueblood State of Florida
14-3954 12/15/2014 PM 3rd FloorM. M., A Child Cody Wood, Superintendent Leon Regional etc.
13-5972 12/15/2014 PM 3rd FloorAvalon's Assisted Living III, LLCAgency For Health Care Administration
14-0937 11/19/2014 AM 2nd FloorCity of Fort Pierce/ Florida Municipal etc.Donald Spence
14-3007 11/19/2014 AM 2nd FloorDepartment of Juvenile JusticeState of Florida
14-3018 11/18/2014 AM 3rd FloorSamuel Jackson Columbia Pictures and Fireman's Fund
14-1478 11/18/2014 AM 3rd FloorJohn R. McCoy James C. Miller, Inc. And Builder's Insurance Co.
13-3826 11/18/2014 AM 3rd FloorLarry Jossey State of Florida
14-1345 11/13/2014 AM 3rd FloorCooperatives Services of Florida, Inc.Department of Management Services, et al
13-5798 11/13/2014 AM 3rd FloorEyvind Bonner International Paper Company/Sedgwick CMS
13-3182 11/13/2014 AM 3rd FloorJohn Gordon Knight State of Florida
14-2100 11/12/2014 AM 3rd FloorAlfonso Ramos Club Link Corp., and Hartford
14-2049 11/05/2014 AM JacksonvilleConsumer Rights, LLC Bradford County, Florida
14-2688 11/05/2014 AM JacksonvilleDepartment of Highway Safety and Motor etc.Eric Hirtzel
14-2923 11/05/2014 AM JacksonvilleDennis Bitteker Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
13-5856 11/05/2014 AM JacksonvilleTerry L. Case and Elizabeth R. Case, etc.Andrews B. Newman, an individual, et. al.
14-0493 11/04/2014 AM JacksonvilleCharles and Virginia BarnesBerkshire Planned Community etc. et al.
13-5815 11/04/2014 AM JacksonvilleDaniel and Cheryl Montero on behalf of, etc.Duval County School Board
13-5778 11/04/2014 AM JacksonvilleWilliam Moncrief Wood, Jr Former HusbandPeggy Hodge Wood, Former Wife
13-5689 11/04/2014 AM JacksonvilleDeborah H. Griffin Hammer Flo, LLC, a Florida limited etc.
13-5912 10/29/2014 AM 3rd FloorDaniel J. Schmidt Charles Van, Sr., and Rilla Van, etc.
14-0430 10/28/2014 AM 3rd FloorSentry Insurance Company and Spencer Gifts HoldingLawrence Levin
14-0125 10/23/2014 AM GainesvilleDonna Mae Poole as Personal, etc. CSX Transportation Inc. etc., et al.
14-0517 10/23/2014 AM GainesvilleKhepera Solar, LLC, a Florida Limited etc.City of Gainesville d/b/a Gainesville Regional etc.
13-5966 10/23/2014 AM GainesvilleMichael L. Steinberg Miriam F. Steinberg
14-0179 10/21/2014 PM 3rd FloorBrian Michael Robinson State of Florida
14-0115 10/21/2014 PM 3rd FloorFabre Engineering, Inc. Phoenix Construction Services, Inc., et al.
14-2028 10/21/2014 PM 2nd FloorS. D., the Biological Father of K. R. M., etc.J. K. and C. K.
13-4250 10/21/2014 PM 2nd FloorMichael Alan McCallum State of Florida
12-5189 10/21/2014 PM 3rd FloorChristopher Perry State of Florida
14-0178 10/16/2014 AM 3rd FloorFlorida Hospital Orlando State of Florida, Agency For Health Care etc.
14-0959 10/14/2014 PM 3rd FloorPHILLIP S. LANE Workforce Business Services, Inc. etc., etal
14-0477 10/14/2014 AM 2nd FloorNISSI, INC. AND CARTER SIGN RENTALS, INC.Department of Transportation
14-0046 10/14/2014 AM 3rd FloorBIEL REO, LLC Barefoot Cottages Development etc. et al.
13-6002 10/14/2014 PM 3rd FloorR. J. Reynolds Tobacco CompanySharon Odum, as Per. Rep. for the Estate etc.
13-5040 10/14/2014 AM 3rd FloorClarence Lamar Henry State of Florida
13-4408 10/14/2014 AM 3rd FloorJames H. Tipler State of Florida
13-3709 10/14/2014 AM 2nd FloorKaren Whitney R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company et al.
14-1511 09/24/2014 AM 3rd FloorDr. Antonio Pena Sacred Heart Health System, et al.
13-4994 09/24/2014 AM 3rd FloorCo-Personal Representative etc.John Gavin Wiggins, as Co-Personal etc.
13-2524 09/18/2014 PM 2nd FloorOscar Martinez United Forming, Inc/ Travelers, etc, et al.
13-6186 09/17/2014 AM 2nd FloorClarence Dreier and Brad DreierWachovia Bank, National Association
14-0443 09/17/2014 AM 2nd FloorMayor Alvin Brown and the City of JacksonvilleFrank Denton
13-5444 09/17/2014 AM 2nd FloorDIRECTV, Inc. n/k/a DIRECTV, LLC et al.State of Florida, Department of etc. et al.
14-0908 09/17/2014 PM 3rd FloorPanzer Law, P. A. Palm Beach County School District, et al.
14-0873 09/17/2014 PM 3rd FloorAmerisure Mutual Insurance CompanyFlorida Department of Financial Services, etc.
14-0824 09/17/2014 AM 2nd FloorAFP Management Corp./ Florida, etc.Jose Martinez
13-6242 09/17/2014 PM 3rd FloorDaniel Whelan Advantage Delivery & Logistics
13-5600 09/17/2014 AM 2nd FloorJohn P. Cornelius and Tricia CorneliusDouglas K. Magee and The Salvation, etc.
14-0745 09/16/2014 PM 2nd FloorMarshall R. Cassedy, Jr. Kevin M. Hofmann, John N. Patronis, and Anne L. etc
14-0188 09/16/2014 AM 2nd FloorUnited Faculty of Florida Florida State Board of Education
14-1738 09/16/2014 AM 3rd FloorCelia D. Brooks Green Tree Servicing LLC and The Unknown etc.
13-6157 09/16/2014 PM 2nd FloorJack Carswell, Minor Child, et alFlorida State University Schools, Inc., et al
13-6153 09/16/2014 AM 2nd FloorMaren L. Deweese Ashton J. Hayward, in his official etc. et al.
13-5998 09/16/2014 PM 3rd FloorDaniel and Nancy KiefertNationstar Mortgage, LLC
13-4420 09/16/2014 PM 3rd FloorTOTAL ASSET RECOVERY Services, LLC, RelatorMetropolitan Life Ins. Co Prudential etc., et al.
13-4312 09/16/2014 PM 2nd FloorR. J. Reynolds Tobacco CompanyRobert Thibault, Personal Representative etc.
13-4200 09/16/2014 AM 3rd FloorBaggett Brothers Farm, Inc.Altha Farmers Cooperative Inc.
12-5712 09/16/2014 AM 2nd FloorSaritha Reddy Paduru and Ravi AnuguAllison W. Klinkenberg
12-1925 09/16/2014 AM 2nd FloorAnnette Merete Overgaard, Former WifeJohn Batista, Former Husband
14-3667 09/12/2014 AM 3rd FloorDavid P. Trotti Ken Detzner, Secretary of State
14-0060 08/19/2014 AM OrlandoRobert Tetterton Co-Op Oil Company, Inc./ Retail First etc.
13-5580 08/19/2014 AM OrlandoPhillip A. Fortune Gulf Coast Tree Care Inc./Florida Citrus etc.
13-5835 07/29/2014 PM 3rd FloorS. Brian Kim, Trustee UTA of etc. et al.Destiny by the Sea Owners Association, etc.
13-3854 07/29/2014 AM 3rd FloorMarvin Richard Schmutz Regatta Bay Owners Association, Inc, et al.
13-4647 07/23/2014 AM JacksonvilleWalgreen Company, a/k/a and d/b/a WalgreensKathryn Dalgleish
13-4726 07/23/2014 AM JacksonvilleCaretenders Visiting Services of, etc.Christina Leath, an Individual:,etc., et al.
13-5162 07/23/2014 AM JacksonvilleLee F. Mercier, as Representative etc.Marsha G. Rydberg, as Personal etc. et al.
13-2109 07/22/2014 AM JacksonvilleJohn Gray Damil Belizaire
13-4652 07/22/2014 AM JacksonvilleYazan Khatib, Vaqar Ali, Youssef Al-Saghir, et al.Old Dominion Insurance Company et al.
13-4573 07/22/2014 AM JacksonvilleMarybeth Leamer, as Trustee, etc. Marilyn B. White and Omni Amelia Island, etc.
13-3714 07/22/2014 AM JacksonvilleAngela Lane Cash Cynthia Holmes Jenkins and Charles Jenkins
14-0799 07/16/2014 PM 3rd FloorNicholas A. James Daniel K. Leigh, and Kenny Leigh, P.A.
13-3765 07/16/2014 AM 2nd FloorLouis W. Graffeo I I I and Jessica GraffeoElizabeth Bauer a/k/a Elizabeth McDonald
13-2981 07/16/2014 PM 3rd FloorUlisban Shawn Bryant State of Florida
14-0094 07/15/2014 PM 3rd FloorProgressive Employer Management Co. et al.Ronald Dulac
14-0079 07/15/2014 AM 2nd FloorIan A. Pierson, Former HusbandJennifer L. Pierson, Wife
14-1127 07/15/2014 PM 3rd FloorJoseph E. Kenney Department of Highway Safety etc.
13-5445 07/15/2014 AM 3rd FloorDewey Kessler Stage Call, Inc. And Travelers etc.
13-5299 07/15/2014 AM 3rd FloorThrivent Financial For LutheransState of Florida, Dept. of Financial Services
13-5266 07/15/2014 AM 3rd FloorWilliam H. Carr, Jr., HusbandLynne O'Shall Carr, Wife
13-4960 07/15/2014 PM 2nd FloorSouthern Baptist Hospital of Florida, Inc., etc.Diane L. Smith, as Personal etc et al.
13-4068 07/15/2014 PM 2nd FloorFraternal Order of Police, Gator, etc.City of Gainesville, Florida
13-0039 07/15/2014 AM 2nd FloorCaroline Bell Chadbourne, WifeEdward Merriam Chadbourne, III, Husband
13-3863 07/15/2014 AM 2nd FloorStephen A. Scott, P.A. and Stephen A. ScottCity of Gainesville, Florida
13-2153 07/15/2014 PM 2nd FloorShannon Abbott State of Florida
13-5988 06/18/2014 PM 2nd FloorNoe Guerra C.A. Lindman, Inc., and Argonaut Insurance Co.
13-4371 06/18/2014 PM 3rd FloorPerry Ellison Cottrell, Inc. and Nissan North America, Inc.
13-5982 06/17/2014 PM 3rd FloorJohn D. O'Neal, Sr. MBM Corporation, and Sedgwick CMS
13-3183 06/17/2014 AM 3rd FloorR. J. Reynolds Tobacco CompanyJanice L. Sikes, as Personal etc.
13-3160 06/12/2014 PM 2nd FloorSandra Bergmann, as Personal, etc. Florida Department of Transportation, etc.
13-5053 06/11/2014 AM 2nd FloorJoseph R. Biden, I I I, the Attorney General etc.John S. Lord, Herbert H. Peyton, et al.
13-4937 06/11/2014 AM 3rd FloorState of Florida Zoltan Barati and Motorola, Inc.
13-4232 06/11/2014 AM 2nd FloorOak Square Joint Venture, a Florida Joint etc.U. S. Bank National Association etc.
13-0057 06/10/2014 AM 2nd FloorCharles Fauntleroy Riggs State of Florida
13-5452 06/10/2014 PM 2nd FloorFt. Myers Real Estate Holdings, LLCDepartment of Business and Professional etc.
13-4903 06/10/2014 AM 3rd FloorG. B., Z.L., through his guardian K.L., et al.Agency For Persons With Disabilities
13-4545 06/10/2014 AM 3rd FloorHaines O'Neil, ind. and O'Neil Transportation etcWalton County, a political etc. et al.
13-3853 06/10/2014 AM 2nd FloorBAC Home Loans Servicing LP f/k/a Countrywide etc.Josefina Ridgway and Arthur Ridgway
13-2804 06/10/2014 PM 2nd FloorReynaldo Reginald Cato State of Florida
13-0258 06/10/2014 PM 3rd FloorAmanda Pope and Anastasia, Inc.Daniel and Donna Grace, et al.
13-1528 06/10/2014 AM 3rd FloorPHILIP MORRIS USA INC. and Liggett Group LLC.Nan Kathryn Buchanan, Personal Rep. etc.
13-4197 05/29/2014 AM PensacolaRobert Mitchell Cynthia Y. Mitchell
13-3334 05/29/2014 AM PensacolaCarolyn P. Threatt and Eric ThreattThomas R. Beliech, Jr.
13-4416 05/28/2014 AM PensacolaRobert A. Visentin JDF Landing, LLC
13-2343 05/28/2014 AM PensacolaHeather Spaid Integon Indemnity Corporation
13-4278 05/28/2014 AM PensacolaLovencie J. Gambarella Biel Reo, LLC, et al.
13-4866 05/28/2014 PM 3rd FloorHernando County Sheriff's Office, et al.Stavros Sikalos, Jr.
13-4238 05/21/2014 AM 3rd FloorJeffrey L. LaShorne Fort Pierce Police Department et al.
13-2510 05/21/2014 AM 3rd FloorSeminole County Government, et alLinda Shattles
13-5756 05/20/2014 AM 3rd FloorFidel Garcia Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
13-1819 05/20/2014 PM 3rd FloorThomas Hendricks and STDWEH Partners, L.P.Bayside at Sandestin Condominium etc. et al.
13-0224 05/15/2014 PM 2nd FloorAgency For HealthCare AdministrationBayfront Medical Center, Inc., et al.
13-5115 05/15/2014 PM 3rd FloorFlorida Fish and Wildlife Conservation CommissionWakulla Fishermen's Association, etc. et al.
13-4428 05/15/2014 PM 3rd FloorThe Pathology Group Of Northwest Florida, PLLCBlue Cross And Blue Shield of Florida, Inc.
13-4409 05/15/2014 PM 2nd FloorLeon Smith City of Daytona Beach Police Dept./City of etc.
13-5743 05/14/2014 AM 3rd FloorState of Florida Department of etc.Lisa O'Connor, f/k/a Lisa Zane
13-5357 05/14/2014 PM 2nd FloorF. T. M. I. Operator, LLC and United States etc.Anne Marie Limith
13-5191 05/14/2014 PM 2nd FloorAbbie I. Jones Adkinson Law Firm, LLC, and Clay B. Adkinson
13-5024 05/14/2014 PM 3rd FloorAnrow Construction CompanyDepartment of Financial Services, etc.
13-5020 05/14/2014 AM 3rd FloorLevy County Sheriff's Office, et alHerman Allen
13-4503 05/14/2014 PM 2nd FloorBrevard County School Board, et al.Maria Acosta
12-4007 05/14/2014 AM 2nd FloorAntonio James Price State of Florida
12-3966 05/14/2014 PM 3rd FloorRalph Monroe State of Florida
13-0570 05/13/2014 PM 2nd FloorState of Florida Jermaine Franklin Davis
13-0524 05/13/2014 PM 3rd FloorSteven Kyle Scharfenstine State of Florida
13-4999 05/13/2014 AM 2nd FloorCharles Swindle Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
13-4910 05/13/2014 AM 3rd FloorKenton Anthony Blake, Jr. Kyle Kirby, individually, and City of Live Oak etc.
13-3374 05/13/2014 PM 2nd FloorCCB, L.L.C., Charles B. Barniv, et al.Banktrust, an Alabama Banking Corporation et al
13-3084 05/13/2014 AM 2nd FloorPaul R. Messer and Betty J. MesserMark James Sander, and Julia Dils Sander, etc.
13-2282 05/13/2014 AM 3rd FloorAAron Lawade Griffin State of Florida
13-2063 05/13/2014 AM 2nd FloorHeritage Oaks - TND, LTD. ("Heritage Oaks")City of Alachua, Florida
13-1490 05/13/2014 PM 3rd FloorKlay Williams State of Florida
12-3982 05/13/2014 PM 2nd FloorLawrence William PattersonState of Florida
13-5483 04/10/2014 PM 3rd FloorDan Sowell, Bay County Property AppraiserState of Florida, Dept. of Revenue
13-1892 03/26/2014 AM JacksonvillePatty Highsmith, Julie Wrenn, et al.ECAA, LLC, a foreign limited etc. et al.
13-2662 03/26/2014 AM JacksonvilleS & A Builders, Inc., a Florida corp. , et al.Park Shopping, Ltd., a Florida etc.
13-2490 03/26/2014 AM JacksonvilleGlenn W. O'Steen Colin O'Steen
12-2602 03/26/2014 AM 3rd FloorJovita C. Ibeagwa State of Florida
13-3249 03/26/2014 AM 3rd FloorSTEVEN M. LORD Santa Rosa Correctional Institute/etc. et al.
13-2750 03/25/2014 AM JacksonvilleColumbia Bank Heather Johnson Turbeville et al.
13-1086 03/25/2014 AM JacksonvilleState of Florida, Office of the Attorney etc.Beach Blvd Automotive, Inc., etc. et al.
13-2480 03/25/2014 AM JacksonvilleRichard Paulette and Carolyn WilliamsAnelson Ulysse
13-3086 03/25/2014 PM 3rd FloorAlan B. Bookman, as Successor, etc.Dale Davidson
13-3583 03/25/2014 AM 3rd FloorBrandt Robinson, et al Pam Stewart, etc., et al
13-5767 03/12/2014 AM 2nd FloorLester Hackley State of Florida
13-1401 03/12/2014 PM 3rd FloorPanama City-Bay County Airport etc.Kellogg Brown & Root Services, Inc.
12-4874 03/12/2014 PM 3rd FloorPanama City-Bay County Airport etc.Kellogg Brown & Root Services, Inc.
14-0630 03/11/2014 PM 2nd FloorMorris Publishing Group, LLC, et al.State of Florida and Michael D. Dunn
13-0538 03/11/2014 AM 2nd FloorR. J. Reynolds Tobacco CompanyPeter Mack, Jr., as Personal etc.
13-4895 03/11/2014 AM 2nd FloorAmber Hamm, on behalf of and as etc.PMI Employee Leasing and Comprehensive etc.
13-4087 03/11/2014 AM 3rd FloorSarasota County School Board/OptacompKathryn Roberson
13-3659 03/11/2014 AM 2nd FloorCynthia Nicole Taylor, Former WifeJeremy Lee Lutz, Former Husband
13-3460 03/11/2014 PM 3rd FloorChristopher Mulvehill Radio Shack and Liberty Mutual
13-3208 03/11/2014 PM 3rd FloorFlorida Insurance Guaranty etc.Tammy Bernard
13-1327 03/11/2014 AM 3rd FloorKenneth Ellis WetheringtonState of Florida
13-1276 03/11/2014 AM 2nd FloorCraig E. Roback State of Florida
13-1165 03/11/2014 PM 3rd FloorAllstate Property & Casualty Insurance etc.Thomas A. Little
12-4187 03/11/2014 PM 2nd FloorJonathon Glen Harrelson State of Florida
13-1841 02/25/2014 PM 3rd FloorAlachua County School Board/etc.Office of the State of Florida etc.
13-2113 02/19/2014 AM OkaloosaDon G. McCoy, Charles Voorhis, et al.Michael E. Durden, an individual etc.
13-1353 02/19/2014 AM OkaloosaGeorge I. Lipscomb and Patricia S. LipscombSE Property Holdings, LLC a successor, etc, et al.
12-5176 02/19/2014 AM OkaloosaSynovus Bank, formerly known as Columbus etc.Helen K. Walker, Trustee of the etc.
12-4633 02/19/2014 AM OkaloosaJohn R. Feris, Jr. Club Country Of Fort Walton Beach, Inc., etc.
13-2347 02/18/2014 PM 3rd FloorJames David Smith Robert Hastings on behalf of a minor etc.
13-1229 02/18/2014 AM 3rd FloorFlagler Hospital Inc. Association Insurance Company, et al.
12-4988 02/12/2014 AM 2nd FloorJohn Fitzgerald Johnson State of Florida
13-2674 02/12/2014 AM 2nd FloorDilma Celeny Santizo- Perez etc.Genaro's Corporation D/B/A King's Food etc.
13-3277 02/11/2014 AM 2nd FloorFarm Op, Inc./Travelers Insurance CompanyIvania Reyes
13-0869 02/11/2014 AM 3rd FloorR. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company et al.Erskin Donal Ward, as Personal etc.
13-0543 02/11/2014 AM 3rd FloorBroward County, Florida Orbitz, LLC, and Internetwork etc. et al.
13-4722 02/11/2014 AM 3rd FloorCarolyn Cartenuto Deborah Ann Hunt, IN RE: Estate of Margaret etc.
13-3613 02/11/2014 PM 3rd FloorJohns Eastern Company and Indian River etc.Jerald Bellamy
13-3271 02/11/2014 PM 3rd FloorEmily Chancy Walker, etc., et al.Florida Gas Transmission Company, etc., et al
13-2397 02/11/2014 PM 3rd FloorSharon E. McIntosh CVS Pharmacy, and Holiday CVS, LLC, et al.
12-3403 02/11/2014 AM 2nd FloorLarry B. Thacker et al.Vision Bank and JF & LT Investments, Inc.
13-0487 01/28/2014 AM 3rd FloorJohn e. Kubik Hillsborough County School Board, et al.
13-2765 01/23/2014 PM Miami Ralph K. Franklin, Jr. Riviera Beach Fire Rescue and Gallagher etc.
13-1746 01/23/2014 PM Miami FrankCrum/Frank Winston Crum Ins. Inc./BroadspireNeil Rogers
13-0980 01/23/2014 PM Miami Viola Ramirez Palm Beach County School District et al.
13-3052 01/22/2014 PM 3rd FloorClara Maxwell Jackson Shands Teaching Hospital and Clinic, etc., et al.
12-5656 01/22/2014 PM 3rd FloorDepartment of Health, Board of NursingFlorida Medical Association, Inc. et al.
13-4397 01/16/2014 PM 3rd FloorHHH Motors, LLP, d/b/a Hyundai etc.Jenny Lee Holt And Kristopher etc. et al.
13-2631 01/16/2014 AM 2nd FloorLaura Leigh White State of Florida, DOC Holmes etc. et al.
13-0404 01/16/2014 AM 2nd FloorHarvey Donley State of Florida
13-2643 01/16/2014 PM 3rd FloorJ. S., Child State of Florida
13-1916 01/16/2014 AM 2nd FloorGia Demario Vonda Todd and The City of Crestview
13-2031 01/15/2014 PM 3rd FloorWest Flagler Associates, Ltd.Department of Business and Professional etc.
13-3141 01/15/2014 AM 2nd FloorThe City of Fernandina BeachJoanne Conlon, on behalf of herself etc.
13-2745 01/15/2014 PM 3rd FloorJOSEPH P. HOLL, III United Parcel Service and Liberty Mutual Insurance
13-2567 01/15/2014 AM 2nd FloorDebrah Gadol Masoret Yehudit, Inc./ U S Administrator Claims
13-1968 01/15/2014 PM 3rd FloorJose Izquierdo Palm Beach County School District et al.
13-1831 01/15/2014 AM 3rd FloorPhillip Bielefeld, II Employamerica, Inc., and Travelers Insurance
13-1695 01/15/2014 AM 3rd FloorLee County/ PMA CompaniesCarol Quinn
12-4952 01/15/2014 AM 2nd FloorKevin Cantrell State of Florida
12-4210 01/15/2014 AM 3rd FloorJeanne Chitty Campbell, et alHenry M. Chitty, III
13-0465 01/14/2014 AM 3rd FloorOKALOOSA COUNTY, Bay County, et al.Department of Juvenile Justice
13-2950 01/14/2014 AM 2nd FloorJeffrey Pomerantz Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, et al
13-2660 01/14/2014 AM 3rd FloorFlorida Quarter Horse Track Association, Inc.State of Florida, Department of etc. et al.
13-2415 01/14/2014 AM 3rd FloorFrank Cleaton Florida Board of Professional Engineers
13-1889 01/14/2014 PM 3rd FloorJesus Trejo-Perez Arry's Roofing/Builders Ins. Group
13-1553 01/14/2014 AM 2nd FloorDixie County Sheriff's OfficeReemployment Assistance Appeals Commission et al.
12-6071 01/14/2014 PM 3rd FloorLewis B. Hunter, Jr. Aurora Loan Services, LLC, et al.
12-5868 01/14/2014 AM 3rd FloorKenyeta T. Murray State of Florida
12-5799 01/14/2014 PM 3rd FloorUlrick Ajaree Watson State of Florida
12-4615 01/14/2014 AM 2nd FloorBrian Scott Long State of Florida
13-4108 01/09/2014 AM 3rd FloorBilly Joe Holton State of Florida
13-5721 12/17/2013 AM 3rd FloorMorris Publishing Group, LLC, d/b/a etc. et al.State of Florida and Michael D. Dunn
13-0795 11/26/2013 PM 3rd FloorPaul C. Moyer Florida Dept. of Transportation
13-1273 11/26/2013 PM 3rd FloorRobert Young American Airlines and Sedgwick
12-3653 11/26/2013 PM 2nd FloorJacob Thomas Gaulden State of Florida
13-1489 11/21/2013 AM 2nd FloorCapital City Bank, a Florida corporationDepartment of Environmental, etc, et al
13-1108 11/20/2013 PM 2nd FloorOmar D. Lopez All Star Investigations, Inc., et al.
13-1019 11/20/2013 AM 2nd FloorKelsher Enterprises, Inc, etc., et al.John R. Powell, in his official, etc.
13-0598 11/19/2013 PM 2nd FloorJose Juan Andino-Rivera Southeast Atlantic Beverage Company/etc.
13-0842 11/19/2013 PM 2nd FloorJohn Cohen Gerald Bailey, in his official capacity etc.
13-0311 11/19/2013 PM 3rd FloorMarshall R. Cassedy, Jr. Alland Investments Corporation, etc. et al.
13-2807 11/19/2013 AM 3rd FloorJohn A. Crawford, In His Capacity As Clerk etc.Chief Judge of the Fourth Judicial Circuit
13-1951 11/19/2013 PM 3rd FloorPerdido Sun Condominium Association, Inc.Citizens Property Ins. Corporation, etc.
13-1451 11/19/2013 AM 3rd FloorJoseph Rickett Florida Board of Professional Engineers
13-1244 11/19/2013 AM 2nd FloorANN WOOD Florida Board of Professional Engineers
13-1238 11/19/2013 AM 3rd FloorSt. Lucie County School Board et al.Beverly Thiess
12-5658 11/19/2013 AM 2nd FloorFrank R. Nicastro Palm Beach County and Palm Beach County etc.
12-5562 11/19/2013 PM 2nd FloorConnie Andrew and William Andrew, etc.Shands At Lake Shore, Inc a Florida, etc, et al.
11-4465 11/19/2013 PM 3rd FloorRobert Franklin Floyd State of Florida
13-2471 11/15/2013 AM Jacksonville State of Florida, Dept. of Highway etc.Joseph P. Wiggins
13-4724 11/12/2013 AM 3rd FloorRichard Scott Hill State of Florida
13-2600 11/06/2013 AM Jacksonville Salulysa Campbell U.S. Bank, N.A.
13-2040 11/06/2013 AM Jacksonville Paris Destinee Cannon Melissa Thomas, On Behalf Of: Aria etc.
12-6000 11/06/2013 AM Jacksonville Joseph David Baker CSX Transportation, Inc.
13-1591 11/05/2013 AM Jacksonville Robert W. Wing, Former HusbandMonica D'Arcio Wing, Former Wife
12-5956 11/05/2013 AM Jacksonville R. J. Reynolds Tobacco CompanyCarolyn Hiott, as Personal etc.
12-5839 11/05/2013 AM Jacksonville Tesla Electric, Armature and Machine, Inc.JLM Advanced Technical Services, etc. et al.
13-0259 10/24/2013 AM Gainesville Calhoun Cash Advance, Inc City of Gainesville,
12-5834 10/24/2013 AM Gainesville Joanne K. Cessac, and Hal A. Airth, in his etc.Marcia Stevens,
12-5270 10/24/2013 AM Gainesville Columbia Bank Columbia Developers, LLC, a Florida etc. et al.
12-3197 10/24/2013 AM Gainesville Alonzo Beepot and Joanne BeepotJP Morgan Chase Bank
13-0381 10/16/2013 PM 3rd FloorCrum & Forster/North River etc. et al.Isauro Guardado
13-1284 10/16/2013 PM 3rd FloorJerry T. Webb and Randy AshcraftKarhouse, Inc., a dissolved Fl Corp. et al.
12-1355 10/15/2013 AM 2nd FloorTrans Health Management, Inc., et al.Joseph Webb, by and through etc.
13-0868 10/15/2013 PM 3rd FloorPatrick Madden Philomena Madden
13-0349 10/15/2013 AM 2nd FloorRoss Ambrose The City Commission of the City etc. et al.
13-2175 10/15/2013 AM 3rd FloorBre/Baton Operating Lessee, Inc.Brian Hathcock
13-1206 10/15/2013 AM 3rd FloorBarbara Stevens and Thomas Stevens, etc.State of Florida and the State of etc. et al.
12-0900 10/15/2013 AM 2nd FloorNanette Taylor and Paki TaylorLe Baron Condominium Assocs., Inc., et al.
12-6031 10/15/2013 PM 3rd FloorERIC ALLEN KAUK Department of Financial Services
12-5553 10/15/2013 AM 3rd FloorMambi Cheese Company, Inc. et al.SIF Land, Inc.
12-4861 10/15/2013 AM 3rd FloorThe Conservation Alliance of St. Lucie County etc.Florida Department of Environmental etc. et al.
12-3244 10/15/2013 PM 3rd FloorDarius Braddy State of Florida
12-1511 10/15/2013 AM 3rd FloorJohn Forrest State of Florida
13-1104 09/25/2013 AM Milton Jeffrey S. Harris, et al.GGGZ Builders, LLC, a Florida limited, etc.
13-0105 09/25/2013 AM Milton Matthew Hunter, as Per. Rep etc.Dayna Jones, a/k/a Dayna D. Jones, etc.
12-5781 09/25/2013 AM Milton Charles D. Ramsey and Gudrun Ramsey, etc.Home Depot U.S.A., Inc. and John Markham Newbern
12-5184 09/25/2013 AM Milton John Christopher Middleton, et al.Gregory Charles Welford, as Personal etc.
13-0982 09/25/2013 PM 2nd FloorBrandywine Convalescent Care et al.Khemwattie Ragoobir
13-0671 09/25/2013 PM 2nd FloorStephen Rhodes City of Pensacola and Johns Eastern Company
12-4371 09/25/2013 AM 3rd FloorNatasha Ann Pettis, f/k/a Natasha Ann Braddy, etc.Donald Lamar Braddy, Jr, Former Husband
13-0117 09/24/2013 AM 3rd FloorFlorida State Fire Service, etc.State of Florida
13-0557 09/18/2013 PM 2nd FloorRobert D. Coursen and Leah A. Coursen, etc.Toyota Motor North America, Inc., et al.
13-0053 09/18/2013 PM 2nd FloorJames Koshenina, In Re: Guardianship of, et al.John L. Buvens, Jr. and Carole Ann Buvens, etc.
13-2644 09/18/2013 PM 2nd FloorUniversity of West FL. Board of, etc.Wendy Habegger
13-0104 09/18/2013 PM 2nd FloorBranch Banking and Trust CompanyState of Florida Department of etc.
12-5483 09/18/2013 PM 3rd FloorCBS Outdoor Inc. and SLG Investments, LLCDepartment of Transportation
12-4514 09/18/2013 PM 3rd FloorState of Florida Thomas Murphy
12-5823 09/18/2013 AM 3rd FloorCarlene Fernald State of Florida, Dept. of Corrections, etc.
12-5646 09/18/2013 AM 3rd FloorJohn M. Watson, Jr., HusbandSharon Lee Watson, Wife
12-4702 09/18/2013 AM 3rd FloorBrian Schafer City of Pompano Beach, Pompano Beach etc.
12-3639 09/18/2013 AM 3rd FloorMarvin Castellanos Next Door Company/ Amerisure Insurance Co.
12-4866 09/17/2013 PM 2nd FloorLennart S. Koo State of Florida
12-4703 09/17/2013 AM 3rd FloorWilliam R. Crews State of Florida
11-3382 09/17/2013 PM 2nd FloorPercy Edgardo Torres State of Florida
12-4208 09/17/2013 AM 2nd FloorKari Nakajima Home Depot and Liberty Mutual Insurance
13-0895 09/17/2013 AM 3rd FloorPanhandle Automotive, Inc. dba etc.Jessee E. Page, Individually, etc.
13-0703 09/17/2013 PM 3rd FloorRobert Roux Robert Schultz, III, and the Gilchrist etc. et al.
13-0656 09/17/2013 PM 2nd FloorRaymond Colantonio,et al Florida Department of Law Enforcement
13-0488 09/17/2013 AM 3rd FloorDavid Marlin Forstrom, a widowerEvva Mathews, Millie P. Thompson, et al.
12-5580 09/17/2013 PM 3rd FloorRay Jones Indian River County Fire Rescue
12-5521 09/17/2013 PM 3rd FloorOffice of Insurance Regulation, et. al.Secure Enterprises, LLC.
12-2703 09/17/2013 PM 3rd FloorAntonio Clark State of Florida
13-1355 09/17/2013 AM 2nd FloorKevin M. McCarty, in His Official Capacity, etc.Robin A. Myers, A.P., et al
13-0927 09/17/2013 AM 2nd FloorIllinois Union Insurance CompanyCo-Free, Inc.
13-0629 08/08/2013 PM 3rd FloorZeng Jean Jacques State of Florida
12-4025 07/31/2013 AM 3rd FloorWilliam H. Chastain and Cleone C. ChastainDewey J. Chastain and Barbara B. Chastain
12-2487 07/31/2013 AM 3rd FloorSoutheast Toyota Distributors, LLCBurns International Security, etc.
12-3296 07/30/2013 AM 3rd FloorDouglas Welles State of Florida
11-3290 07/23/2013 PM 3rd FloorHandy Walker State of Florida
13-2428 07/18/2013 AM 3rd FloorAnthony Ortiz State of Florida
13-0187 07/17/2013 PM 3rd FloorWayne M. Owen, Jr. City of Key West and Employers Mutual, Inc.
12-5268 07/17/2013 PM 3rd FloorKelly McClendon Grand Ventures, Inc., and Unique etc. et al.
12-4830 07/17/2013 PM 2nd FloorDavid Collins Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC and Gallagher etc.
12-3407 07/17/2013 AM 2nd FloorEdwin E Gennette State of Florida
13-0118 07/16/2013 PM 3rd FloorTower Hill Select Insurance Co.Joshua Rhea and Tiffany Rhea
12-2603 07/16/2013 AM 3rd FloorThe New Jerusalem Church of God, Inc.Sneads Community Church, Inc., etc. et al.
11-5703 07/16/2013 PM 3rd FloorAlicia Faye Baxter State of Florida
12-3809 07/16/2013 AM 3rd FloorF. Lloyd Blue, Jr. Covington County Bank, et al.
12-1605 07/16/2013 AM 3rd FloorPeter Felix Armstrong State of Florida
13-0592 07/16/2013 PM 2nd FloorDepartment of Agriculture and Consumer, etc., et alShuler Limited Partnership, etc.
13-1376 07/16/2013 AM 2nd FloorMorris Publishing Group, LLC etc.Florida Department of Education etc.
12-4981 07/16/2013 AM 2nd FloorCommercial Industrial Corp., et al.Parra & Karimi Engineering, LLC
12-4944 07/16/2013 AM 2nd FloorWillie Johnson Publix Super Markets Inc./Publix Risk etc.
12-3454 07/16/2013 AM 2nd FloorCMH Homes, Inc., a foreign corporationLSFC Company, LLC, a Florida etc. et al.
12-5387 06/25/2013 AM 3rd FloorVern Goding City of Boca Raton and Corvel
12-3661 06/25/2013 AM 3rd FloorChristopher Jose Saldana State of Florida
12-3843 06/19/2013 PM 3rd FloorCarter Outdoor Advertising ("Carter")Florida Department of Transportation, et al.
11-6690 06/19/2013 PM 3rd FloorLouis B. Niles State of Florida
11-5381 06/19/2013 PM 3rd FloorPamela Lavern Long-WigginsState of Florida
12-3901 06/19/2013 PM 2nd FloorBroward County Police Benevolent Assoc. Inc.City Of Hollywood, Florida
12-3810 06/19/2013 PM 2nd FloorYolanda Banuchi Department of Corrections/et al.
12-2885 06/19/2013 PM 2nd FloorAlpha Data Corporation, a Florida CorporationHX5, LLC, a Florida limited, etc., et al.
12-5265 06/18/2013 PM 2nd FloorRobert Savard Rio Vista Management Group, d/b/a etc. et al.
12-4416 06/18/2013 PM 2nd FloorJoann Graham Nathaniel Graham
12-6037 06/11/2013 AM 3rd FloorRobert Sundean Pasco County School Board, et al.
12-3984 06/11/2013 AM 3rd FloorSamantha Ann Collins State of Florida
12-5749 06/11/2013 AM 3rd FloorRobin Chason, Individually, etc.Capital City Bank
12-5962 06/11/2013 AM 2nd FloorKyle Alan Tallman State of Florida
12-5135 06/11/2013 AM 2nd FloorMarc Baker Baptist Hospital, Inc.
12-4064 06/11/2013 AM 2nd FloorShari K. Judkins Walton County, a political, etc.
12-2800 06/11/2013 AM 2nd FloorRyan Nicholas Mahoney State of Florida
12-2116 05/21/2013 AM 2nd FloorWalter E. Headley, Jr., Miami Lodge etc. et al.City of Miami, Florida
12-1609 05/21/2013 AM 2nd FloorState of Florida Daniel John Levitan
12-5118 05/16/2013 PM 3rd FloorMehdi Dastgerdi and Susanne DastgerdiJohnston 4 Panama, LLC
12-4815 05/16/2013 PM 3rd FloorLeon County Expedia, Inc., et al.
12-0754 05/16/2013 PM 3rd FloorRichard Kearney, Former HusbandBernadette Kearney, Former Wife
12-4838 05/15/2013 AM 3rd FloorAmerican Woodmark Co,. etc., et alHarold Sipe
12-3930 05/15/2013 PM 3rd FloorGARY THIGPEN, FORMER Curator, etc.Nathan Clayton, as Personal, etc., et al.
12-3925 05/15/2013 AM 3rd FloorJohn Slowinski and Nancy BradberryPatrick M. Sweeney
12-3353 05/15/2013 AM 3rd FloorJudith Woodside Senior Care Group, Inc., Senior Care etc. et al.
12-3269 05/15/2013 AM 3rd FloorFlorida Department of CorrectionsBuford Clayton Holley, etc., et al.
12-4377 05/15/2013 PM 3rd FloorPamela Spivey, as etc.Teen Challenge of Florida, Inc.
12-4321 05/15/2013 PM 2nd FloorOrange County and Alternative Service etc.David Richards, Staff-Rite etc. et al.
12-0370 05/15/2013 PM 2nd FloorCarrod Melvin James State of Florida
12-2789 05/15/2013 PM 2nd FloorValerie Dantzler Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., A Corporation
12-5808 05/14/2013 PM 3rd FloorMICHAEL D. CREWS, SEC. Florida Dept., etc.Florida Public Employers Council 79, et al
12-4366 05/14/2013 PM 3rd FloorBaccari Young and Anderson & Hart, P.A.Whataburger Restaurants LP and Chartis Insurance
12-3929 05/14/2013 AM 3rd FloorDepartment of Juvenile Justice, State of FloridaOkaloosa County, and Nassau etc. et al.
12-2110 05/14/2013 AM 3rd FloorR. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company et al.Robert Sury, as Personal Rep. etc.
11-6156 05/14/2013 PM 3rd FloorJames L. Thomas State of Florida
12-1670 05/14/2013 AM 3rd FloorSteven Wood Southern Crane Service, Inc., etc
12-0877 05/14/2013 PM 3rd FloorHEFZI-BA Applied Quality, etc. et al.Matrix Construction Group, etc. et al.
13-0315 04/23/2013 PM 3rd FloorMariah Cheek, Former WifeBrian R. Hesik, Former Husband
12-2507 03/26/2013 PM 3rd FloorMitchell Brothers, Inc. State of Florida, Dept. of Transportation
12-5280 03/26/2013 PM 3rd FloorThe Florida House of Representatives et al.Rene Romo; Benjamin Weaver; et al.
11-4392 03/14/2013 PM 3rd FloorMarkeil Deshon Thomas State of Florida
12-1917 03/14/2013 PM 3rd FloorGuarantee Trust Life Insurance CompanyFinancial Services Commission et al.
12-0244 03/13/2013 AM 3rd FloorRussell C. Powell State of Florida
12-3182 03/13/2013 AM 3rd FloorChurch's Chicken and The HartfordMeischel Anderson
12-2989 03/13/2013 PM 3rd FloorJohn Shaw Department of Business & Professional, etc.
12-1103 03/13/2013 PM 3rd FloorEugene Jacobson Southeast Personnel Leasing, Inc./Packard
12-3564 03/12/2013 AM 3rd FloorR. J. Reynolds Tobacco CompanyLyantie Townsend, as Personal, etc.
12-3479 03/12/2013 PM 3rd FloorALEXANDRO SERRANO AND Roland P. Tan, Jr., Esq.Del Air and Amerisure
12-1464 03/12/2013 PM 3rd FloorSteven Krusel State of Florida
12-3557 03/12/2013 PM 3rd FloorWestgate Home Sales, Inc. Carolyn Cleveland
12-2658 03/12/2013 AM 3rd FloorSouthern Baptist Hospital of Florida, Inc., etc.Michelle and Chris Johnston, etc. et al.
12-3478 03/12/2013 AM 2nd FloorTown of Indialantic/ Florida League etc.Scott Elliott
12-2353 03/12/2013 AM 2nd FloorFrank Benniefield City of Lakeland and Claims Center
11-4368 03/12/2013 AM 2nd FloorMaria Tamayo Abascal, Personal Rep. etc.GPI Southeast, Inc., individually, etc.
12-3305 02/14/2013 AM 2nd FloorPrescription Partners, LLCState of Florida, Department of etc.
12-2537 02/14/2013 AM 2nd FloorCustom Import Repair, Inc.World Imports U.S.A., Inc., etc.
12-3482 02/14/2013 AM 2nd FloorGilberto Lopez A. Duda & Sons, Inc., and Chartis Claims, Inc.
12-1474 02/14/2013 AM 2nd FloorSamuel R. Neel, III State of Florida
12-2749 02/13/2013 PM 3rd FloorFlorida Complete Construction etc.Jacksonville Electric Authority
12-2647 02/13/2013 AM 3rd FloorR.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, et al.Franklin D. Campbell, Sr. as Personald Rep. etc.
12-2396 02/13/2013 PM 3rd FloorWoodrow Hornsby, III State Farm Florida Insurance Company
11-5318 02/13/2013 AM 3rd Floorsaritha reddy Paduru and Ravi AnuguAllison W. Klinkenberg
12-3563 02/13/2013 AM 3rd FloorBradley Westphal City of St. Petersburg/ City of St. etc.
12-0719 02/13/2013 AM 2nd FloorAlvin K. Herron State of Florida
12-4258 02/13/2013 AM 2nd FloorDUKE'S STEAK HOUSE City of Jacksonville, Florida, etc, et al.
12-3287 02/13/2013 AM 2nd FloorChristina Viering Florida Commission on Human Relations etc.
12-2589 02/13/2013 AM 2nd FloorDawn Sheaffer Publix Super Markets, Inc./Hartford
12-2951 02/12/2013 AM 3rd FloorJanet Holley, Tax Collector etc.Portofino Tower One Homeowners etc. et al.
12-2646 02/12/2013 AM 3rd FloorTeamsters Local Union No. 385City Of Winter Park
10-6715 02/12/2013 PM 3rd FloorChristopher Scott State of Florida
12-2421 02/12/2013 AM 3rd FloorAlachua County, Charlotte County, et al.Expedia, Inc., et al.
11-3389 02/12/2013 PM 3rd FloorAllen C. Oliva and Mary Jean OlivaR.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. and Phillip Morris, USA
12-2265 01/22/2013 AM 3rd FloorFlorida Farm Bureau Casualty, etc, et al.State of Florida, Office of Insurance Regulation
10-5591 01/22/2013 AM 3rd FloorJERROD SMITH State of Florida
11-6356 01/17/2013 PM 2nd FloorRichard R. Taylor TGI Friday's, Inc. and Gallagher Bassett etc.
11-4491 01/17/2013 PM 2nd FloorJahn Clifford Jarvis State of Florida
11-4044 01/17/2013 PM 2nd FloorMisael Leon The Salvation Army and Chesterfield Services
12-2760 01/16/2013 AM 3rd FloorShanta Pace Department of Juvenile Justice, State of Florida
12-2440 01/16/2013 PM 3rd FloorCity of Naples and PGCSAndrew Johnson
12-2382 01/16/2013 PM 3rd FloorJoy Hinzman Winter Haven Facility Operations, etc., et al.
12-1632 01/16/2013 AM 3rd FloorMeigs Properties, Ltd., et al.The Board of County Commissioners of, etc.
11-2210 01/16/2013 PM 3rd FloorJames Madison State of Florida
12-4048 01/16/2013 PM 2nd FloorDomingo Cabrera Outdoor Empire and FCCI Insurance
12-3415 01/16/2013 AM 2nd FloorCity of Freeport, Florida Beach Community Bank
12-2380 01/16/2013 AM 2nd FloorMichael Johnson Publix Corporation and Hartford Fire Insurance
12-2357 01/16/2013 PM 2nd FloorElizabeth Ann Conway, Former WifeMichael Warren Conway, Former Husband
11-6061 01/16/2013 PM 2nd FloorPhilip Morris USA Inc. etc., et al.Andy R. Allen, Sr., Personal, etc, et al
12-2778 01/15/2013 PM 3rd FloorR. J. Reynolds Tobacco CompanyVernell Smith, as personal Rep. of Estate
12-2165 01/15/2013 PM 3rd FloorHillsborough County School Board/BroadspireJohn E. Kubik
12-1490 01/15/2013 AM 3rd FloorCity of Orlando Doanh Nguyen
12-0898 01/15/2013 PM 3rd FloorA-Chueh Stich and Donald Stich, etc.Government Employees Insurance Company
12-0677 01/15/2013 AM 3rd FloorManuel Cespedes, Jr. Yellow Transportation, Inc.(URC)/Gallagher etc.
12-2385 01/15/2013 PM 3rd FloorMiller Electric Company and Commercial etc.Eric Oursler
12-2816 11/28/2012 PM 3rd FloorBeachside Two Condominium Association, Inc.Walton County Zoning Board etc. et al.
12-0892 11/28/2012 AM 3rd FloorMarilyn Ford Hillsborough County Health Department, et al
11-6260 11/28/2012 AM 3rd FloorRafael Uberto Lopez Villalta, etc.Cornn International, Inc. a Florida etc. et al.
12-1836 11/28/2012 AM 3rd FloorGina Nichalos Rosario of Amelia, LLC, a Florida etc. et al.
12-2398 11/15/2012 PM 2nd FloorWendy G. Smith Time Customer Services and Travelers
11-4434 11/15/2012 PM 2nd FloorKyle Walling State of Florida
11-6578 11/14/2012 PM 3rd FloorSeminole County School Board et al.Hattie Lee-Davis
11-5910 11/14/2012 AM 3rd FloorGwinnett, LLC; Summit Automotive etc. et al.Bank of America, N. A., a nationally chartered etc.
12-1318 11/14/2012 PM 3rd FloorJorge Arnau Winn Dixie Stores and Sedgwick CMS
11-2882 11/14/2012 PM 3rd FloorMichael James Drake StewartState of Florida
12-0976 11/14/2012 PM 2nd FloorMary Helen Broemer, Former WifeThomas Carl Broemer, Former Husband
12-1503 11/14/2012 PM 2nd FloorLori Messick Tony Cameron, in his official etc.
12-1368 11/14/2012 AM 2nd FloorMiguel Andres Central County Water Control District, et al
11-4703 11/14/2012 AM 2nd FloorNationwide Mutual Fire Insurance CompanyMary Beth McCleery- Schillig
11-4132 11/14/2012 PM 2nd FloorChad Michael Rager State of Florida
12-1493 11/13/2012 PM 3rd FloorThomas Brown Department of Corrections State of Florida
12-3641 11/13/2012 PM 3rd FloorDevonshire at PGA National, LLCState, ex.rel., the Dept. of Financial etc.
12-0861 11/13/2012 AM 3rd FloorJeanne Chitty Campbell, et al.Henry M. Chitty, I I I
12-0819 11/13/2012 PM 3rd FloorJanet D. Mayfield, Former WifeCharles D. Mayfield, Former Husband
12-0836 11/13/2012 PM 2nd FloorState of Florida David Charles Spaulding
12-1654 11/13/2012 PM 2nd FloorDebary Real Estate Holdings, LLC et al.State of Florida, Department of etc. et al.
12-0278 11/13/2012 AM 2nd FloorElnora Hurrye, Jessie Hurrye, and Nicole HurryeCaitlyn Munoz
12-1238 11/13/2012 AM 2nd FloorMark Hunter, Sheriff of Columbia CountyState of Florida, Comm. on Ethics et al.
11-4911 11/13/2012 PM 2nd FloorCallie E. Shaw Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
12-1128 10/30/2012 AM 3rd FloorMichael T. Baker and Entrust etc.Emerald Grande Inc., a Florida Corporation
11-4370 10/30/2012 AM 3rd FloorHillary Robinette, Former HusbandAndrea Ruppel, Former Wife
12-0961 10/23/2012 PM 3rd FloorHolmes County Hospital Corporation etc.State of Florida, Agency for Health Care etc.
11-5496 10/23/2012 PM 3rd FloorClipper Bay Investments, LLCState of Florida Department etc. et al.
12-0817 10/18/2012 PM 3rd FloorPatricia Gritta, D. C., and Safeco Insurance etc.Epilepsy Association of the Big Bend etc. et al.
11-4446 10/18/2012 AM 3rd FloorLorillard Tobacco Company ("Lorillard")Michelle Mrozek, In Re: Engle Progeny Cases, etc
12-0136 10/18/2012 PM 3rd FloorJoseph M. Gray, Former HusbandSusan S. Gray, Former Wife
12-4520 10/18/2012 PM 2nd FloorAddie L. Greene, et al.Jeff Clemens, Susan Bucher, etc, et al.
12-1553 10/17/2012 AM 3rd FloorUnited Teachers of Monroe FEA Local, etc.Monroe County School District
12-1502 10/17/2012 AM 3rd FloorAllison Quets Kevin Needham and Denise Needham
12-0885 10/17/2012 PM 3rd FloorLarry Goodwin Mosaic Phosphates Company and Gallagher etc.
12-0837 10/17/2012 PM 3rd FloorNathaniel Ray Wannamaker, Sr., et al Department of Children and Families
12-0239 10/17/2012 PM 3rd FloorAnn S. Peipers, individually, etc.Martin Zetterberg, et al.
12-0944 10/17/2012 AM 2nd FloorFrank Winston Crum InsuranceDepartment of Financial Services et al.
12-0767 10/17/2012 AM 2nd FloorScott Eaton City of Winter Haven and PGCS
11-6264 10/17/2012 AM 2nd FloorRalph L. Laukhuff, Jr. as Personal, etc. John McQuiston, II, as Personal, etc.
12-2122 10/16/2012 PM 3rd FloorSiomarilys Baez State of Florida
12-1297 10/16/2012 AM 3rd FloorAvalon Dunes Condominium Owners Assoc. etc. et al.John Harshaw W. Terry, Jr and Wife etc. et al.
12-1259 10/16/2012 AM 3rd FloorJohnny Fountain, Jr. PMI Employee Leasing D/B/A , etc., et al
12-0629 10/16/2012 PM 3rd FloorCNL Income Sandestin, LP Crystal C. Spencer, et al
12-0458 10/16/2012 AM 3rd FloorVenture Capital, LLC, A Florida limited, etc., Synovus Bank, a Georgia Banking etc.
12-0891 10/16/2012 AM 2nd FloorUNIVERSAL PROPERTY & CASUALTY ETC.Jamon A. Johnson and Chaka Johnson
12-0784 10/16/2012 AM 2nd FloorDepartment of Revenue General Motors LLC
12-1333 10/16/2012 AM 2nd FloorCombs Oil Company State of Florida, Department of etc.
12-1111 10/16/2012 AM 2nd FloorMaggie Avery City of Coral Gables and Johns Eastern
11-5548 10/16/2012 AM 2nd FloorW. Lowell Bray, Jr., et al.Ken Detzner, as Sec. of State of Florida
11-4674 09/27/2012 AM 3rd FloorMichael Acosta Department of Children and Families
12-3153 09/25/2012 AM 3rd FloorJose Gonzalez State of Florida
11-6768 09/18/2012 AM 3rd FloorRobert A. Reynolds General Electric, Sedgwick CMS, etc.
11-6560 09/18/2012 AM 3rd FloorLeah D. Sandridge, Wife Joseph C. Suarez, Husband
11-5454 09/18/2012 AM 3rd FloorRanell Tillery, Jr. Florida Department of Juvenile Justice
11-4028 09/18/2012 AM 3rd FloorDaniel John Levitan State of Florida
11-3590 09/18/2012 PM 3rd FloorD & B LLC Robert Hurst and Tonya E. Hurst, as legal etc.
11-6058 09/18/2012 AM 3rd FloorDale J. Jackson and Pamela F.A. JacksonThe Palms of Perdido, LLC et al.
12-0402 09/06/2012 AM 3rd FloorJeffrey B. Wagner, Former HusbandSusan W. Wagner, Former Wife
11-6950 09/06/2012 PM 3rd FloorCostco Wholesale Corporation et al.Nicole Raulerson
11-5467 09/06/2012 AM 3rd FloorTonya A. Oliver Lorraine A. Dunn & City of etc. et al.
11-4752 09/06/2012 PM 3rd FloorMolokai Villas Condominium, etc. Belfor USA Group, Inc., a Michigan Corporation
12-0163 09/06/2012 AM 3rd FloorClare Caldwell Florida Department of Elder Affairs
11-6007 09/06/2012 PM 3rd FloorS. D. Department of Children and Families, et al.
12-0863 09/06/2012 PM 2nd FloorJason P. Kovach, Father Tracy E. Elliott, Mother
12-0628 09/06/2012 AM 2nd FloorRandy Lee Jenks Bynum Transport, Inc. And Zenith Insurance Company
12-0392 09/06/2012 PM 2nd FloorDena Thayer Chico's FAS, Inc and Specialty Risk Services
12-2584 09/06/2012 PM 2nd FloorStephen Cain and Christopher CainJoel Kirsch
11-6698 09/06/2012 AM 2nd FloorBishop's Court at Windsor Parke etc.Colony Insurance Company
11-5676 09/06/2012 AM 2nd FloorDepartment of Health Bayfront Medical Center, Inc., et al.
10-6695 09/06/2012 AM 2nd FloorState of Florida Arman Jouzdani
11-6889 09/05/2012 AM 3rd FloorZenith Insurance Co. and Bynum Transport, Inc.Randy Jenks
11-6860 09/05/2012 PM 3rd FloorDepartment of Corrections et al.Larry Ferguson
11-6593 09/05/2012 PM 3rd FloorSandra Marton Florida Hospital Ormond Beach/Adventist etc.
11-6583 09/05/2012 PM 3rd FloorThomas B. Arnold Valerie Audiffred and Robert Kimmons, etc.
10-6397 09/05/2012 AM 3rd FloorDeonte Barnes State of Florida
10-5805 09/05/2012 AM 3rd FloorApril C. Graham State of Florida
11-6731 09/05/2012 PM 2nd FloorRhonda Lawhon Nikki Johnson
11-6261 09/05/2012 AM 2nd FloorSteve Rocha City Of Tampa/Commercial Risk Management
11-5861 09/05/2012 PM 2nd FloorRobert Young American Airlines and Sedgwick
10-4048 08/16/2012 AM 3rd FloorMichael Donell Reed State of Florida
11-5898 07/31/2012 PM 3rd FloorPHH Mortgage CorporationJean B. Williams, I I I, et al.
11-1565 07/24/2012 AM 3rd FloorJimmy L. Ates State of Florida
12-1866 07/18/2012 PM 3rd FloorPartnership for Community Health, Inc.Department of Children and Families, et al.
12-0858 07/18/2012 PM 3rd FloorCitrus Memorial Health Foundation, Inc., etc.Citrus County Hospital Board, etc., et al.
11-5787 07/18/2012 PM 3rd FloorJacksonville Sheriff's Office et al.Gerald Smith
10-5008 07/18/2012 PM 3rd FloorDerrell J. Chamblee State of Florida
11-1043 07/17/2012 PM 3rd FloorLatorya C. Pate State of Florida
11-6157 07/17/2012 AM 3rd FloorSean Davis State of Florida
11-5495 07/17/2012 PM 3rd FloorG. G., BY AND THROUGH HER next friend, et. al.Florida Department of Law Enforcement
11-4258 07/17/2012 PM 3rd FloorLewis E. Castleman and Iris K. CastlemanR. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.
11-2330 07/17/2012 AM 3rd FloorMichelle Abruscato Patrick Ray and Leah Ray, etc., et al.
12-0038 07/17/2012 AM 2nd FloorState Farm Automobile Insurance, etc.Lane P. Smith
11-5706 07/17/2012 PM 2nd FloorDAVID MARLIN FORSTROM Okaloosa County, a political etc.
11-5597 07/17/2012 AM 2nd FloorRobert Petito Construction Industry Licensing Board
11-3732 07/17/2012 PM 2nd FloorAscot Park, Inc. Department of Business and Prof. Reg. etc.
11-3724 07/17/2012 AM 2nd FloorLucille Ruth Soffer, as Personal Rep. etc.R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, et al.
11-3653 07/17/2012 AM 2nd FloorR. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, etc. et al.Thomas G. Jewett, as Personal etc.
11-2128 07/17/2012 PM 2nd FloorPerry Nelson State of Florida
11-1596 07/17/2012 AM 2nd FloorGregory R. Junkin State of Florida
11-6241 06/29/2012 AM 3rd FloorDepartment of Highway Safety and Motor VehiclesWilliam Carillon
11-5791 06/29/2012 AM 3rd FloorAtul D. Patel State of Florida
11-5016 06/29/2012 AM 3rd FloorROSETTE FRANCESCA BerbanDepartment of Financial Services
11-1817 06/27/2012 AM 3rd FloorTravis Devon Swanson State of Florida
12-1129 06/27/2012 PM 3rd FloorEdward Quinn Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
11-6198 06/27/2012 AM 3rd FloorSheriff of Palm Beach CountyPalm Beach County Police Benevolent, etc.
11-5935 06/27/2012 AM 3rd FloorPamela Jo Bondi, in her capacity as the Atty Gen.Kenneth S. Tucker, in his capacity etc.
11-4957 06/27/2012 AM 3rd FloorElsie Nicol, n/k/a Elsie RosenblumCynthia L. Nichols, as personal rep. etc.
11-5653 06/26/2012 PM 3rd FloorDollie M. Brown Lakeland Regional Medical Center, et al.
11-4672 06/26/2012 PM 3rd FloorAaron Johns City of Sanford and Johns Eastern etc.
11-6112 06/13/2012 AM 3rd FloorFrancisco Salas Southern Waste Systems and Guarantee Ins. Co.
11-5366 06/13/2012 AM 3rd FloorAllison J. Blossman Christopher J. Blossman
11-4332 06/13/2012 PM 3rd FloorCharles P. Norman Kenneth S. Tucker, Sec., FL Dept. of Corrections
11-2242 06/13/2012 PM 3rd FloorMarybeth Morgan Annie Milton
12-0897 06/13/2012 PM 2nd FloorDePuy Orthopaedics, Inc., a foreign corporationPeter Waxman, Scott Londy, et al.
11-5029 06/13/2012 PM 2nd FloorBrian Gregg City of Miramar and Gallagher Bassett etc.
11-5553 06/13/2012 AM 2nd FloorMagnolia House of HPLS, Inc.Agency For Health Care Administration
11-4962 06/13/2012 AM 2nd FloorMichael Caputo ABC Fine Wine & Spirits/ Alternative Service etc.
11-4754 06/13/2012 AM 2nd FloorSafe Environment Business Solutions, et al.Roger Martinez
11-3135 06/13/2012 PM 2nd FloorSheila Macon Polk County Board of County Comm. et al.
11-2221 06/13/2012 AM 2nd FloorWillie Charles Hayes State of Florida
11-1485 06/12/2012 AM 3rd FloorGregory Washington State of Florida
11-3273 06/12/2012 PM 3rd FloorDrexel Williams Tarmac America and ESIS-ACE US Co.
11-4532 06/12/2012 PM 3rd FloorLeah Everhart, individually etc. Citizens Property Insurance Corporation
11-3723 06/12/2012 AM 3rd FloorINTELISTAF HEALTHCARE, Inc.Lanette Gervato and Ron Condren, et al.
11-5573 06/12/2012 AM 2nd FloorFicurma, Inc. Department of Financial Services, etc.
11-5064 06/12/2012 AM 2nd FloorCathedral Arts Project, Inc.Department of Economic Opportunity
11-4728 06/12/2012 AM 2nd FloorHal M. Tobias State of Florida, Agency for Healthcare, etc.
11-3717 06/12/2012 AM 2nd FloorJames Hasselback Florida Department of Environmental etc. et al.
11-3200 06/12/2012 PM 2nd FloorDemeatris Anthony Newell State of Florida
11-1967 06/12/2012 PM 2nd FloorState Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance etc.Joyce Mashburn
11-3412 05/23/2012 PM 3rd FloorG4S Secure Solutions (USA) (f/k/a Wackenhut)Thomas F. O'Connor
11-4653 05/17/2012 PM 2nd FloorMollie Berman Dillard's and ESIS
11-5854 05/16/2012 PM 3rd FloorAllan Edward Overton, Former HusbandKathy Lynn Overton, Former Wife
11-4787 05/16/2012 PM 3rd FloorState of Florida Kenneth L. Hope
11-4178 05/16/2012 AM 3rd FloorKatina Williams City of Orlando/City of Orlando Risk Management
11-3052 05/16/2012 PM 3rd FloorFT Investments, Inc. State, Department of Environmental Protection
11-2854 05/16/2012 AM 3rd FloorTutor Time Child Care/ Learning Centers et al.Laylita Patterson
11-0892 05/16/2012 AM 3rd FloorNatures Landing Condominium, etc.Natures Landing Management, etc.
11-6134 05/16/2012 AM 2nd FloorChristopher Nelson State of Florida
11-4274 05/16/2012 PM 2nd FloorGerald Terry Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. et al.
11-4075 05/16/2012 PM 2nd FloorAmerican Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc.Bryce A. Custer; Mortgage Electronic etc. et al.
11-3890 05/16/2012 AM 2nd FloorWILLIAM KOLLAR AND Marco Demello, IndividualBaptist Hospital, Inc.
11-2724 05/16/2012 AM 2nd FloorAudit Control, Inc. Double G Oil Company, Inc., et al
11-1951 05/16/2012 PM 2nd FloorUniversity of Florida Board of TrusteesMarguerite Stone, as Personal Rep. etc.
11-6627 05/15/2012 AM 3rd FloorDepartment of Highway Safety etc.William J. Barton
11-5195 05/15/2012 PM 3rd FloorJude A. Burk and David A. Pasquarelli etc.Citizens Property Insurance Corporation
11-4958 05/15/2012 AM 3rd FloorDepartment of Highway Safety And Motor VehiclesMetro Traffic School
11-3927 05/15/2012 PM 3rd FloorANTHONY ROGERS Vulcan Manufacturing Company, Inc.
11-3863 05/15/2012 AM 3rd FloorBluegreen Vacations Unlimted, Inc.Joseph M. Scheyd, Jr., P. A., et al.
11-3305 05/15/2012 AM 3rd FloorHeron at Destin West Beach, et al.Osprey at Destin West Beach, et al.
11-4922 05/15/2012 AM 2nd FloorJ. B. S., a child State of Florida
11-4843 05/15/2012 AM 2nd FloorRebecca Rose Geico and Broadspire
11-3766 05/15/2012 AM 2nd FloorCarmen Pineda Rio Pinar Health Care Center et al.
11-3630 05/15/2012 PM 2nd FloorEddie King Taylor Ronald Donnerstag and his wife Husi Donnerstag
11-3624 05/15/2012 PM 2nd FloorKey Buick Company d/b/a Key Buick Hyundai etc.Aaron Jenkins, individually et al
11-2448 05/15/2012 AM 2nd FloorR. J. Reynolds Tobacco, Co.Peter Mack, Jr. as Personal Rep. etc.
12-0208 04/25/2012 AM 3rd FloorFirst Coast Management Service, Inc.State of Florida, Dept. of Children etc.
11-2446 03/30/2012 AM 3rd FloorJuvenile Services Program, Inc.Department Of Juvenile Justice et al
11-2702 03/27/2012 PM 3rd FloorMaryland Casualty CompanyJohn Mark Wilkins
11-3848 03/22/2012 PM 3rd FloorRob Turner, as Hillborough, etc. Florida Department of Revenue et al.
11-3829 03/22/2012 PM 3rd FloorEd Crapo, as Property Appraiser etc. et al.Florida Department of Revenue et al.
11-3302 03/22/2012 PM 3rd FloorMHC EMERALD LAKE, L.L.C. d/b/a Emerald LakeState of Florida Department of etc.
11-2593 03/22/2012 AM 3rd FloorGriswold Ready Mix Concrete, Inc.Tony Reddick, and Pumpco, Inc., etc.
11-2520 03/22/2012 PM 2nd FloorNatasha Meeks, ind. and as mother etc.Rose Sharonn Jones, C.N.M North Florida etc. et al.
11-1789 03/22/2012 PM 2nd FloorJames Williams Michael G. Wise, Northlake etc. et al.
11-1088 03/21/2012 PM 3rd FloorThe Salvation Army Southern, etc., et al.Misael Leon
11-3150 03/21/2012 PM 3rd FloorDepartment of Highway Safety And Motor VehiclesGraham A. Hill
11-2492 03/21/2012 PM 3rd FloorPHILIP MORRIS USA INC. AND R.J. REYNOLDS ETC.Anna Louise Huish, as Personal etc.
11-4139 03/21/2012 PM 2nd FloorTereatha Robinson Department of Health, State of Florida
11-2241 03/21/2012 PM 2nd FloorErnest James Peck State of Florida
11-1206 03/14/2012 PM 3rd FloorRobert N. Ethier American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc.
11-3715 03/14/2012 PM 3rd FloorAllan H. Kalish, Esquire 7-Eleven, Inc. and Sedgwick Claims, etc.
11-2820 03/14/2012 PM 3rd FloorR. J. R., A Child State of Florida
11-5236 03/13/2012 PM 3rd FloorBaptist Hospital, Inc. Marc Baker and Marco Demello, etc. et al.
11-4227 03/13/2012 PM 3rd FloorMarian L. Bryant Florida School For The Deaf And Blind
11-3344 03/13/2012 PM 3rd FloorDaniel C. McLaughlin and Vicki L. MclaughlinR. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, et al.
11-2922 03/13/2012 PM 3rd FloorEthicon Endo-Surgery, Inc ("EES")Paul McGowan
11-0707 02/29/2012 AM 3rd FloorAndrew S. Anderson State of Florida
11-5357 02/29/2012 AM 3rd FloorWilson Garrett State of Florida
11-6545 02/28/2012 AM 3rd FloorThe Florida House etc. et al.Expedia, Inc.; Orbitz, LLC; et al.
11-1468 02/15/2012 AM 3rd FloorStanley Jones Royalty Foods, Inc. and Gallagher Bassett Service
11-5293 02/15/2012 AM 3rd FloorTiffany M. Austin,as Personal Rep. etc.Cooper Tire & Rubber, Co. a Delaware Corp. et al.
11-4354 02/15/2012 AM 3rd FloorPhoenix Construction Services, Inc.Sikes Pipe Co., Inc.
11-5725 02/14/2012 PM 3rd FloorPatrick McGuiness State of Florida and CMI., Inc.
11-5431 02/14/2012 PM 3rd FloorLloyd Junger and Cinda JungerOkaloosa County State of Florida
11-4596 02/14/2012 AM 3rd FloorBeach Community Bank First Brownsville Company, etc. et al.
11-3407 02/14/2012 AM 3rd FloorAMEC CIVIL, LLC, A Delaware, Limited, etc.PTG Construction Services Company, etc., et al.
11-3141 02/14/2012 AM 3rd FloorCity of Marathon, Florida Discount Rock and Sand, Inc. et al.
11-2034 02/14/2012 PM 3rd FloorJoseph Frantzis State of Florida
11-0926 02/14/2012 AM 2nd FloorVonda Louise Parker State of Florida
11-3605 02/14/2012 PM 2nd FloorMerck and Ella Smith Peter Sylvester and The Florida Department etc.
11-3140 02/14/2012 AM 2nd FloorHealthcare Staffing Solution, Inc. etc.Helene Wilkinson, by and through etc. et al.
11-3127 02/14/2012 AM 2nd FloorLance Block P. A. Searcy, Denney, Scarola, et al.
11-2103 02/08/2012 AM 3rd FloorGARY THIGPEN, AS CURATOR of the Estate of etc. ,etJacksonville Humane Society Shelter, et. al.
11-5041 02/07/2012 AM 3rd FloorRichard Jenkins State of Florida
11-0863 01/25/2012 AM 3rd FloorHarry henderson State of Florida
11-2700 01/24/2012 PM 3rd FloorWilliam G. Graney, P.E. and KTD Consulting etc.Caduceus Properties, LLC, a Florida etc. et al.
11-4148 01/19/2012 PM 3rd FloorPaul Allen Dundore, M.D., and Jacksonville etc.Theresa M. Hamel, As Personal etc. et al.
11-0400 01/19/2012 PM 2nd FloorLarry Eugene Guerriero State of Florida
11-3125 01/19/2012 AM 2nd FloorA. Duda & Sons, Inc., and Gallagher Bassett, etc.Jerry Campbell
11-1419 01/19/2012 PM 2nd FloorLester Bolding State of Florida
10-2627 01/19/2012 AM 2nd FloorGerome Berry State of Florida
11-1872 01/17/2012 PM 3rd FloorJudith Woodside Senior Care Group, Inc. and Bridgefield Employers
11-1660 01/17/2012 PM 3rd FloorLori E. Compton Advance Auto Parts/ Sedgwick CMS
11-0240 01/17/2012 PM 3rd FloorIN RE: ENGLE PROGENY Cases Tobacco LitigationR. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company et al.
11-0015 01/17/2012 AM 3rd FloorTravelers Commercial Insurance Company, etc.Crystal Marie Harrington, Individually
11-3714 01/17/2012 PM 3rd FloorRobyn Rush High Springs, Florida
11-2935 01/17/2012 AM 3rd FloorNational Association Of Public etc. et. al.Office of Insurance Regulation et al.
11-2399 01/17/2012 AM 3rd FloorDepartment of Business and Professtional etc.Interblock USA, LLC
11-2183 01/17/2012 AM 2nd FloorDoris Pendleton, Franklin County Property etc. etalCarabelle Properties, Limited etc.
11-1451 01/17/2012 PM 2nd FloorGloria McNealy Verizon Support Center/ Sedgwick etc. et al.
10-5282 01/17/2012 PM 2nd FloorR. J. Reynolds Tobacco CompanyEarline Alexander as Personal Rep. etc.
11-2719 01/17/2012 AM 2nd FloorCharles James Grapski, and Michael CanneyCity of Alachua
10-5706 01/17/2012 AM 2nd FloorCatherine Marie Lawrence Bruce Kevin Branin, D.O.; Alliance Family etc.
10-5544 01/17/2012 PM 2nd FloorR. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and Liggett etc.Finna Clay, as Personal Representative etc.
11-6423 12/12/2011 PM 3rd FloorFlorida Quarter Horse Racing, etc., et al.State of Florida, Dept. of Business, et al
11-0536 11/29/2011 AM 3rd FloorChris Jones, Property Appraiser, etc., et alPortofino Tower One Homeowners, etc.
10-4272 11/29/2011 AM 3rd FloorGregory L Blackmon State of Florida
11-1939 11/29/2011 AM 2nd FloorWestgate Marketing, LLC Florida Unemployment Appeals Comm. et al.
10-6734 11/22/2011 AM 2nd FloorChristopher P. Bachman State of Florida
11-4197 11/17/2011 PM 2nd FloorCoral West Pharmacy, Inc. etc.State of Florida, Department of Health
11-2717 11/17/2011 PM 2nd FloorRicardo Giraldo ADP Totalsource III, Inc/ KB6/Daily, etc.
11-0137 11/17/2011 PM 2nd FloorMoses Mobley, Jr. Georgia Pacific Corp. and Sedgwick CMS
11-1868 11/16/2011 AM 3rd FloorDiocese of St. Petersburg, et al.Ronald Cayer
11-1354 11/16/2011 PM 3rd FloorTranquil Harbour Development, LLC, etc.BBT, LLC, Claude Brousseau et al.
11-1150 11/16/2011 PM 3rd FloorJack Streib City of Miami Beach and Johns Eastern etc.
11-2174 11/16/2011 AM 3rd FloorDepartment of Revenue Ruehl No. 925, LLC, a foreign limited etc.
10-6520 11/16/2011 AM 3rd FloorPATRICIA W. HULL, as legal guardian Jennifer Byrom, Individually, et al, etc.
11-4009 11/16/2011 AM 2nd FloorPERDIDO KEY ISLAND RESORT DEVELOPMENT, ETC.Regions Bank
11-2830 11/16/2011 PM 2nd FloorAndrea Rinard State Board of Administration
11-2616 11/16/2011 PM 2nd FloorSTACY NABINGER, N/K/A Stacy Knight etc.Richard H. Nabinger, I I, Former Husband
11-2091 11/16/2011 AM 2nd FloorCasey Newick Webster Training Center and Zenith Insurance etc.
11-1442 11/15/2011 AM 3rd FloorSurf Dweller Owners Association, Inc.Forrest Heistermann and Janet R. Heistermann etc.
11-1369 11/15/2011 PM 3rd FloorJorge Arnau Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. and Sedgwick CMS
11-1208 11/15/2011 PM 3rd FloorKimberly Joyce Crosby Decks N Such Marine, Inc.
11-2315 11/15/2011 AM 3rd FloorDell Pomeroy Cynthia Jo Pomeroy
10-2290 11/15/2011 AM 3rd FloorDaniel L. Tappen State of Florida
11-0641 11/15/2011 AM 2nd FloorREBECCA A. TUTEN, AS personal, etc.Alexander Fariborzian, et al
11-2516 11/15/2011 PM 2nd FloorLisa O'Connor Nabeel Zane
11-1225 11/15/2011 PM 2nd FloorAnthony Maurice Crews State of Florida
10-2787 11/15/2011 PM 2nd FloorRuby Clavelle State of Florida
10-5678 11/08/2011 PM 2nd FloorStephanie Pitts Florida Unemployment Appeals Commission et al.
10-4427 10/27/2011 PM 3rd FloorPreferred Pine Straw, Inc., etc. Lafayette State Bank, a Florida corporation
10-4585 10/19/2011 AM 3rd FloorR.J. Reynolds Tobacco CompanyLyantie Townsend, as Personal, etc.
11-1007 10/18/2011 AM 3rd FloorCategory 5 Management Group, LLCCompanion Property and Casualty etc.
11-2101 10/18/2011 AM 3rd FloorOmar Miranda Azul Plastering Corp. and The Hartford
07-6610 10/18/2011 AM 3rd FloorMichael Bradsheer and Michael K. JohnsonFlorida Department of Highway etc. et al
10-6557 10/12/2011 AM 3rd FloorR. J. Reynolds Tobacco CompanyDiane Webb, as Personal Representative etc.
11-0840 10/11/2011 AM 3rd FloorCallie Preston, Chana Williams and Emmie WittenThe Baker County School Board
11-0101 10/11/2011 PM 3rd FloorVencil Thompson State of Florida
11-0061 10/11/2011 AM 3rd FloorChristopher Newton State of Florida
11-2495 10/11/2011 AM 3rd FloorDominique Haag, Veneisha Haag et al.Nationwide Equipment, Inc., a Florida Corp.
10-5930 10/11/2011 PM 3rd FloorElmwood Terrace Limited PartnershipFlorida Housing Finance Corporation
10-5457 10/11/2011 PM 3rd FloorMaria Marin Commercial Mall and ECS/Broadspire
11-0081 10/11/2011 AM 2nd FloorJessica Elbaz Agency For Health Care Administration
11-1411 10/11/2011 AM 2nd FloorAvalon's Assisted Living, LLC etc. et al.Agency For Health Care Administration
11-1045 10/11/2011 AM 2nd FloorAgency For Health Care AdministrationMVP Health, Inc.
11-2024 10/06/2011 AM 3rd FloorRolling Hills Apartments, LLC et al.Fannie Mae, a corp. organized etc.
11-0918 09/28/2011 AM 3rd FloorKimberlyann V. Wojick State, Department of Children & Families et al
10-5248 09/28/2011 AM 2nd FloorPaul R. Carrithers, Roy Michael etc. et al.Cornett's Spirit of the Suwanee, Inc.
11-0515 09/27/2011 AM 3rd FloorJerry Ulm Dodge, Inc. d/b/a Jerry Ulm etc.Chrysler Group LLC
11-3130 09/20/2011 AM 2nd FloorState of Florida, Department of the LotteryAnna Maria Curcio
10-6502 09/20/2011 AM 2nd FloorGulf Coast Orthopedic Center et al.Anthony R. Mork, M. D.
10-6079 09/08/2011 AM 3rd FloorSunbelt Environmental, Inc. et al.Gulf Coast Truck & Equipment etc. et al.
11-0505 09/07/2011 PM 3rd FloorW. Frank Wells Nursing HomeState of Florida, Agency For Health Care etc.
10-6780 09/07/2011 PM 3rd FloorFlorida Gaming Centers, Inc., etc. et al.Florida Department of Business etc. et al.
10-4536 09/07/2011 PM 3rd FloorCameron A. Holmes State of Florida
11-2548 09/07/2011 PM 2nd FloorBarry M. Schultz, M.D. State, Department of Health etc.
11-0555 09/07/2011 AM 2nd FloorDebra Harris Diversified Consultant, Inc. and The Hartford
11-0384 09/07/2011 AM 2nd FloorBob Graham; Lou Frey, Jr. et al.Mike Haridopolos, President of the Florida
11-1133 09/06/2011 AM 3rd FloorPro Tech Monitoring, Inc.State of Florida, Department of Corrections
11-0698 09/06/2011 AM 3rd FloorSusan Norvell-Murphy The Place of Vero and Cambridge Integrated etc.
11-0659 09/06/2011 PM 3rd FloorCAROLYN JACKMORE William Jackmore, the Estate of, etc.
10-4910 09/06/2011 PM 3rd FloorTyreese Faust State of Florida
10-4849 09/06/2011 AM 3rd FloorStephen A. Massengale State of Florida
07-2545 09/06/2011 PM 3rd FloorShirley Ann Robinson State of Florida
10-6837 09/06/2011 AM 2nd FloorIntervenor, Bay Medical Center, et al.Florida Birth-Related Neurological Injury etc.
10-5779 09/06/2011 AM 2nd FloorSpeegle Construction Company, Inc.District Board of Trustees, etc.
10-1568 09/06/2011 AM 2nd FloorElijah Jones State of Florida
10-6877 08/16/2011 PM 3rd FloorMargaret Bertrand State, Kurt S. Browning, Sec. of State, et al.
10-6572 08/02/2011 AM 3rd FloorState Board of AdministrationGuy M. Burns; Johnson, Pope, etc. et al.
10-0241 07/26/2011 AM 3rd FloorVince Trevino Accounting Principals, Inc., etc.
10-5328 07/19/2011 PM 3rd FloorAffiliated Title Services, Inc.Envision Credit Union, Branch Banking etc. et al
10-5072 07/19/2011 PM 3rd FloorM. E. Hembree, Inc. d/b/a McDonald's etc. John Oreskovich
10-6020 07/12/2011 AM 3rd FloorPaul Magnuson Legendary, Inc.
10-5740 07/12/2011 AM 3rd FloorMid-Continent Casualty Co and Great American Ins. First Coast Energy, L.L.P and State, Dept of Envir.
10-3443 07/12/2011 AM 3rd FloorNaymontie Nashare Enoch State of Florida
10-6285 06/30/2011 AM 3rd FloorMike Haridopolos, in his official etc. et al.Citizens For Strong Schools, Inc.; et al.
10-1417 06/20/2011 PM 3rd FloorJody Posey State of Florida
11-0307 06/16/2011 PM 3rd FloorGilbert Theiss City of Panama City Beach and Florida League etc.
10-5551 06/16/2011 PM 3rd FloorTerry N. Myers Seminole County Fire/ Rescue/Johns, etc.
10-4269 06/16/2011 PM 3rd FloorRoy Carlton Barnhill State of Florida
10-6448 06/15/2011 PM 3rd FloorFlorida Department of Highway Safety, etc.National Safety Commission, Inc., etc.
10-6195 06/15/2011 AM 3rd FloorWILLIE STAMPER AND Vivian Stamper, etc.B P Products North America Inc.
10-5693 06/15/2011 PM 3rd FloorCitrus County School Board, Florida, etc.State of Florida, Dept., of Financial, etc.
10-4422 06/15/2011 PM 3rd FloorDavid Bivens City of Lakeland Fire Department/Claims Center
10-3787 06/15/2011 AM 3rd FloorR. J. Reynolds Tobacco CompanyCarolyn Gray, In Re: Engle Progeny Cases etc.
10-5279 06/14/2011 PM 3rd FloorFlorida Police Benevolent Association, Inc.Sheriff Of Orange County
10-4461 06/14/2011 PM 3rd FloorRussell J. Payne City of Riviera Beach and Gallagher Bassett etc.
10-2210 06/14/2011 AM 3rd FloorCipriano Gongora State of Florida
09-5007 06/14/2011 PM 3rd FloorJonathan A. Stowe State of Florida
09-3162 06/14/2011 PM 3rd FloorSteven Eugene Turner State of Florida
10-5155 05/24/2011 AM 3rd FloorMargaret A. Rosenberger, Margaret Smith, et al.Wesley Jamison, director and Registered etc.
10-1234 05/24/2011 AM 3rd FloorTerri Hessler Florida Unemployment Appeals Commission et al.
09-3325 05/24/2011 AM 3rd FloorRonald Deerick Kirkland State of Florida
10-6056 05/18/2011 PM 3rd FloorBuildings 32606, Inc. and Star Garage CorporationFirst Street Lodging, LLC a S. Carolina etc.
10-5781 05/18/2011 PM 3rd FloorFlorida Department of Transportation et al.Donna K. (Ellison) Rippy
10-5776 05/18/2011 AM 3rd FloorRepublic Waste Services, Inc./East Bay etc. et al.Nelson Ricardo
10-0333 05/18/2011 PM 3rd FloorCharles Grapski State of Florida
09-5500 05/18/2011 AM 3rd FloorPatrick Cannella State of Florida
10-5536 05/17/2011 AM 3rd FloorLarry Campbell, as Sheriff of Leon, etc.Racetrack Bingo, Inc., et al.
10-4635 05/17/2011 PM 3rd FloorTravis Leroy Strickland Timco Aviation Services, Inc. etc. et al.
10-2848 05/17/2011 PM 3rd FloorMitchell Howell State of Florida
10-0308 05/17/2011 AM 3rd FloorRalph E. Crompton State of Florida
09-1773 05/17/2011 AM 3rd FloorEfrain Maldonado State of Florida
10-4333 05/11/2011 AM 3rd FloorJames Shelton Miami-Dade County and Miami-Dade Risk, etc.
10-5467 04/27/2011 PM 3rd FloorDwight E. Adams Pam Carpenter, as Supervisor, etc., et a.